Microsoft office is free for ECU students!

Find out how to get Office 365 and Windows:

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Need help with your student computer?

This weekend students can get help connecting to the network by visiting one of ACE’s Move-in Weekend locations. For Password assistance they can visit the Walk-in Help Desk in 103 Austin which has extended hours till 8pm on Saturday and Midnight on Sunday!

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Information for incoming ECU Students

Incoming ECU students can find out all they need to know about free Microsoft software, free anti-virus software, computer requirements for some academic majors, internet access in the dorms, where to get help and how to log-in to ECU systems by visiting our getting started page:

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Not sure where to go to pay tuition online?

Some users are having difficulty locating where they can go online to submit tuition payments. Students should go to to submit payments. For additional information, and for information related to authorized users making payments go to the cashiers office e-billing system

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Classes not showing up in Blackboard

At the beginning of each semester we receive a number of calls from students who do not see part or all of their classes in Blackboard.  As a student you will not see a class there until the teacher has made the class viewable to the students.  Many faculty typically do this on the first day of class or shortly after.

If you are a student who does not see a class, contact the instructor of that class to find out when that class will be viewable.

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Free Microsoft Software and Anti-Virus for students

Download free Microsoft software at this link:
Students will be required to login using a valid ECU PirateID and Passphrase

Download free Symantec Anti-Virus software at this link:
Students will be required to login using a valid ECU PirateID and Passphrase, and then complete a software request form.


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Updating your address in Self Service Banner

Changes have been that will allow students to enter their campus address as their mailing address or permanent address provided it follows the following criteria:
1. Must have the words “East Carolina University” (not “ECU”) on line 1, 2 or 3 of the address.
2. Must have Greenville as the city.
3. Must have NC as the state.
4. Must have 27858 as the zip code (this will automatically be changed to 27858-4353).

The new change will not verify if the campus address dorm numbers are correct, but as long as you use the format above, you should be able to enter your campus address.

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Alumni Email has been upgraded

Microsoft has upgraded our ECU Alumni E-mail from Hotmail platform to the more robust Outlook Live platform.  Users ID and passwords will not change, but the login page to access the email has changed to . For more information about how to use Outlook Live, see Get Started with Outlook Web App (

During the transition users may see some of their e-mail going to the old account first (accessible at, then they will be copied over to the new account.

There are five things Alumni e-mail users need to do:

1.       Verify that all your e-mail and contacts were migrated. Open your new mailbox. Then open your old Hotmail mailbox by going to Make sure all e-mail messages and contacts that are in Hotmail are also in Outlook Live. If you see any discrepancies, please contact the University Help Desk at (252)328-9866.

2.       If you use Outlook, add your Outlook Live account to Outlook. Learn how at Set Up Outlook 2007 (http://, or Set Up Outlook 2010 (

3.       Transfer your calendar information from the Windows Live calendar ( to the Outlook Live calendar. Learn how at Transfer Calendar Data from Windows Live (Hotmail) to Outlook Live (

4.       If you’ve set up e-mail forwarding in Hotmail, set it up again in Outlook Live. Learn how at Use Rules to Automatically Forward Messages to Another Account (

5.       If you’ve created contact categories in Hotmail, set them up in Outlook Live as distribution groups. Learn how at Create a New Distribution Group (

Thank you for your help making this transition smooth, and enjoy the new features of Outlook Live. If you have questions, contact the University Help Desk at (252)328-9866.

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BlackBoard browser compatability issues

Some features in blackboard may not work correctly if you are using a browser not recommended for Blackboard 9. Some of the newer versions do not support all the features of Blackboard 9.
View list of compatible browsers
Also, for Internet Explorer 9 users, there is a compatibility mode that may work for you. Find out more about compatibility mode

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