Alumni Email has been upgraded

Microsoft has upgraded our ECU Alumni E-mail from Hotmail platform to the more robust Outlook Live platform.  Users ID and passwords will not change, but the login page to access the email has changed to . For more information about how to use Outlook Live, see Get Started with Outlook Web App (

During the transition users may see some of their e-mail going to the old account first (accessible at, then they will be copied over to the new account.

There are five things Alumni e-mail users need to do:

1.       Verify that all your e-mail and contacts were migrated. Open your new mailbox. Then open your old Hotmail mailbox by going to Make sure all e-mail messages and contacts that are in Hotmail are also in Outlook Live. If you see any discrepancies, please contact the University Help Desk at (252)328-9866.

2.       If you use Outlook, add your Outlook Live account to Outlook. Learn how at Set Up Outlook 2007 (http://, or Set Up Outlook 2010 (

3.       Transfer your calendar information from the Windows Live calendar ( to the Outlook Live calendar. Learn how at Transfer Calendar Data from Windows Live (Hotmail) to Outlook Live (

4.       If you’ve set up e-mail forwarding in Hotmail, set it up again in Outlook Live. Learn how at Use Rules to Automatically Forward Messages to Another Account (

5.       If you’ve created contact categories in Hotmail, set them up in Outlook Live as distribution groups. Learn how at Create a New Distribution Group (

Thank you for your help making this transition smooth, and enjoy the new features of Outlook Live. If you have questions, contact the University Help Desk at (252)328-9866.

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