Deactivation of non-enrolled student accounts

During the first few weeks of the spring semester, ECU will deactivate accounts of students who do not meet at least one of the following conditions:

-Are currently enrolled in classes for the spring 2013 semester
-Have been admitted for any future semesters
-Have an active incomplete

Individuals who are impacted will receive a notification via email during the 2 weeks prior to the deactivation (these were sent out on Feb. 3rd).

Students who are not currently enrolled but are doing thesis work, participating in a university internship, or are studying abroad may be eligible to keep their account active. To request this service, Students should have a sponsor/strong (adviser, professor, instructor, etc.) complete a “student account reactivation” form, which is located on the upper left once you log in to the online request system

The sponsor can contact the ECU IT Help Desk (252‑328‑9866, 1‑800‑340‑7081) if they have questions or need assistance.

All requests must be accompanied by the following information:
-Contact information (phone number and/or alternate email address)
-Reason for request (thesis, internship, studying abroad, etc.)
-Information pertinent to your request (course #, instructor contact, adviser, etc).
This information will help us to verify the request.

Former students who have graduated can request an Alumni e-mail address at

If you need additional information please contact ECU IT Help Desk.

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