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WordPress is an open-source Web application designed for creating blogs with both static and dynamic pages. ECU has its own WordPress server, and space is available to faculty, staff, students, departments and groups for personal blogs or academic sites.

WordPress can be used in courses to provide interaction between faculty and students. It can also be used with departments and groups to share information and updates on projects.

The following is a list of examples of how WordPress can enhance your academic course.

  • Create static websites.
  • Create interactive websites.
  • House tutorials and instructions.
  • Update groups.
  • Make the blog public (available to everyone) or restricted to a group.
  • Use as a conference site.

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Get Help with your Blog!

Please submit this request if you require assistance configuring your blog or theme, adding a widget or other support-related help.

Submit a Ticket for General Support

Request Functionality you would like to see added!

If you have new functionality you would like to see added please be aware that the review process will take at least two weeks.

Some of the things we look for in determining adding new functionality are:

  • Functionality doesn’t already exist
  • Solution is Compatible with Multisite WordPress
  • Any Plugins Used to Provide Functionality are Actively Updated with a Large User Base
  • Doesn’t completely overhaul base WordPress Functionality

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