Honors Dorm Life and Community

During my first semester here at ECU, I had the privilege of living in the Honors dorm. The experience of being part of the Living and Learning Community for Honors College students is beneficial in so many ways. As Honors College students, we meet together for Honors classes, but we also live together in the same building. This community allows us to build relationships within the Honors College that we can maintain throughout our careers at East Carolina University. It is also the perfect environment in which to build study groups and work on projects. Living on campus allows easy access to all of the resources of the library, as well as Mendenhall, and the Student Recreation Center.

I met so many new people, and they made my first semester a special experience. Our first Honors College colloquium class required us to complete several group projects. It was extremely helpful to be able to just walk down the hall to meet up with my group. I also met many other students who were taking the same chemistry class as I was. During the semester, we formed a study group and got together to study for our exams and for the final. I know that these study sessions helped me tremendously. I had never been part of a study group before. Not only was it beneficial for me from an academic standpoint, but I also found that many of the other students in the Honors College were very interesting, and that each student had their own story and their own background. It was nice to walk down the hall and to be able to talk to someone and find out that they had done something extremely exciting in high school or that they wanted to do something amazing with their life.

I truly believe that living in the Honors College community helped me in my first semester here. Thanks to study groups and to motivation from the students around me, I achieved excellent grades and was able to make it through my dreaded chemistry class. I was surrounded by students who wanted to be as successful in life as I want to be and who were truly focused on making the most of their college career.

Living in the Honors College community on campus gives a student the opportunity to be successful in all that they do while at East Carolina University. I would definitely recommend living on campus in the Honors College dorm to any Honors student who is looking for a great place to live.

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