Giving Back in Greenville

In my freshman Honors Seminar “Myths and Realities of Poverty” my semester project focused on volunteering at a new non-profit organization in Greenville.  I was skeptical at first because the organization, Joseph Provisions, was relatively unknown.  Not too many people were familiar with this place since it was new and tucked away in an office building.  I was told through the Volunteer and Service Learning Center that Joseph Provisions provided food and clothing to people in need in Greenville and the surrounding communities.  However, I was able to see the true beauty of giving back when I volunteered there for the first time.  Clients lined up early on that Saturday morning waiting to enter the tiny space.  The director welcomed each and every person that stepped through the door, making sure they received food and clothing.  The clients were the top priority.  Since each person could only receive food and clothing assistance once a month Joseph Provisions wanted to make the most out of each and every visit.  The enthusiasm of the director was palpable and clients continuously left with high spirits.  It did not take long before I fell in love with Joseph Provisions.  This small organization was truly dedicated to serving the community.  They certainly made every inch of the small space count.  I volunteered a few more times that semester, and soon enough, I started welcoming clients, stocking shelves, and compiling paperwork for Joseph Provisions.  I believed in this organization.  This experience first started in February of 2011.  It is now over a year later, and I continue to help Joseph Provisions whenever I can.  I enjoy interacting and helping the clients, and it makes it all worthwhile when I can see someone leave the building with a smile on his/her face.  My Seminar opened the door to me finding Joseph Provisions, and I am fortunate to have had such a valuable experience.  I am now more aware of the difference I can make in the community.  Giving back in Greenville makes me appreciate what I have and all that I can do as a student and a person.

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