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Design Your Life, Solve Wicked World Problems: HNRS 2000

Although it’s been a long day of classes, the energy of ambitious Honors College freshmen crackles through the animated conversation sparking across the Gateway Sounds assembly hall. The students are sharing the progress and impact they’ve experienced during HNRS 2000, the freshman-year Honors colloquium. In this course, students partner with local organizations to solve a “wicked” world problem that aligns […]

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Bob Woodward Visits ECU

By: Madeline (Madie) Fleishman, Sophomore EC Scholar As a part of the Voyages of Discovery lecture series, Bob Woodward came to campus last week. Bob Woodward and his colleague Carl Bernstein are the journalists responsible for reporting the Watergate scandal in the 1970’s. Members of the Honors College were given the opportunity to meet Mr. Woodward in a small group […]

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Honors Students Revised NC Highway Marker

By Jessica Nottingham, coordinator for communications and marketing A class project led two Honors College students to changing the historical memory of a dark time in North Carolina’s history, according to professors Drs. Margaret Bauer and Karin Zipf. As part of a class project, Alex Stoehr and Victoria Bishop revised a Fayetteville historical highway marker along I-32 that recognizes Charles […]

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A Collaborative Classroom: Honors Seminar Studies Stigma

By: Dr. Daniel Goldberg, Honors College Faculty Fellow In the course of conducting some research, I formed a basic question. The problem is that I I simply had no satisfactory answer to this question. The subject of my research here was stigma – specifically, why do humans seem to stigmatize each other so much? This is more of a puzzle […]

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