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Truth Initiative Youth Activism Fellow

Written by: Brice Bowrey, Junior EC Scholar I had the pleasure of travelling to Nashville, Tennessee on Nov. 15, 2018 as a Truth Initiative Youth Activism Fellow. This trip was the apotheosis of the work myself and several other Fellows completed for the last six months. During that time, we laid the groundwork for a large tobacco awareness campaign in […]

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Honors Students Revised NC Highway Marker

By Jessica Nottingham, coordinator for communications and marketing A class project led two Honors College students to changing the historical memory of a dark time in North Carolina’s history, according to professors Drs. Margaret Bauer and Karin Zipf. As part of a class project, Alex Stoehr and Victoria Bishop revised a Fayetteville historical highway marker along I-32 that recognizes Charles […]

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The Global Classroom Experience

By: Tori Chapman, EC Scholar and Honors College Junior Last semester, I enrolled in my second Honors College seminar called Culture, Health and Healing. It was perfect for me as Nutrition Science and International Studies Global Health double major! The class focused on health and healing practices of many different cultures and how to learn and respect cultural differences. A […]

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These Boots Were Made for Hiking: Appalachian Trail Seminar

By: Amanda Fisher, Honors College Sophomore (Imagine heavy piano music.) At 5:45 am, my alarm clock went off, and I thought I was going to murder someone. Why is my alarm clock going off at this terrible hour in the morning? Then, I remembered I was going to go hike today on Medoc Mountain! I quickly called my friend Kaitlyn […]

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