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The Magic of Mursion

Junior EC Scholar Meghan Lower experiences a job interview simulation i the Mursion Lab.

Junior EC Scholar Meghan Lower experiences a job interview simulation i the Mursion Lab.

Junior EC Scholar Meghan Lower reflects on her experiences using the Murion Lab at the ECU College of Education.
Lower reacts to the avatar's comment during her mock job interview in the Mursion Lab.

Lower reacts to the avatar’s comment during her mock job interview in the Mursion Lab.

My first experience with Mursion was through a simulated job interview. Even though I used the word simulated, I certainly did not feel as if it was a simulation. The interview was very authentic, as I received personalized feedback in real time as if were a real interview. The avatar that interviewed me had appropriate gestures and body language that reflected what it was saying. Honestly, the authenticity of the technology caught me off guard a little at first. I did not predict the capabilities of Mursion would be as extensive as they were. It is truly like you are conversing with another human in an interview setting — an experience many undergraduates do not have before stepping into a real interview.

Another attraction of Mursion is its applications for education majors. Probably the most popular simulation of Mursion involves a classroom of five students. Each student in the class has their own story and personality — ones that accurately represent the types of students a teacher would interact with on a daily basis. A user can learn how to include the more introverted students into class discussions or how to control the more eager students from speaking out of turn. Having the opportunity to practice lessons and classroom management techniques before even stepping into a classroom is unprecedented. The more practice a teacher has before entering the classroom, the more comfortable and prepared they will be when they teach their students.

Mursion also goes beyond the classroom simulation to prepare future educators for other aspects of their job, such as engaging in a parent-teacher conference. It is these additional duties of a teacher that the majority of future educators do not have the chance to learn or experience before having to conduct one as a teacher. I highly recommend every education major, or anyone who will be interacting with children in their career, to utilize Mursion during their time at ECU.

Junior English Education major Makenzie Evans teaches a class using the Mursion Lab.

Junior English Education major Makenzie Evans teaches a class using the Mursion Lab.

Mursion Opportunities Outside Education

For those outside of the education field, Mursion has multiple other simulations that can be applied to almost any major or career. Participants can interact with patients as a doctor, engage with a room full of business board members, or converse with customers in a hospitality management setting. Regardless of major, Mursion can provide the opportunity to experience these simulation environments to help prepare for almost anything!

–Meghan Lower, Junior EC Scholar, Science Education Major

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EC Scholars Provide Service, Reflect on Four-Year Journey

Over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, 17 EC Scholars traveled to Charleston, South Carolina where they led a service project at the Ronald McDonald House, connected with East Carolina University alumni and reflected on their four-year journey together.

The annual senior impact trip also included an outing to Fort Sumter to learn more about the history of Charleston.

At the Ronald McDonald House, students cleaned, removed holiday décor, cleaned the food pantry, organized the linen closet and freshened up rooms.

The also painted an elephant face on a pop can tab collector. Ronald McDonald Houses nationwide collect pop tabs as a fundraiser. 

The senior class described their time together as “entertaining, meaningful and rejuvenating,” said Dr. Diana Majewski, assistant director of the EC Scholars, who accompanied the students on the trip along with Dr. Todd Fraley, director of EC Scholars.

To view photos from the trip, visit:

Research as a Freshman

By: Ananya Koripella, Freshman EC Scholar

AnanyaLab3One thing I hear often when I mention to someone that I am doing research at Brody is, “Aren’t you a freshman?” At first, I was a little startled when I got that reaction because I had not realized that a majority of freshmen do not participate in research but rather wait until their sophomore year to begin. There is no harm in doing either but if you see an opportunity that you like, take it and run with it.

When I first heard about this opportunity, I was intrigued by the mention of Drosophila melanogaster. I had worked with these fruit flies before in my AP Biology class and automatically was interested. Being a Public Health AnanyaLab2Studies major and Pre-Med, naturally I found the research’s links to obesity and metabolic syndrome even more interesting. All it took was an email and a meeting for me to get the research assistant position. Being a freshman, I thought that it would be difficult to get acclimated to the environment, get used to all the terminology that the upperclassmen use in the lab and learn the procedures. However, everyone has always been ready to lend a hand and help me learn. The fact that I’m a freshman has never been counted against me and I don’t think it would for any other freshman interested in research either.

AnanyaLab1Every day that I go to Brody, I learn something new. It could be the smallest thing about lab protocol or something bigger about the flies and the way they are reacting to the stimuli we give them. Just last week I even got to learn the process we use to sacrifice a mouse for cell cultures!

If you’re interested in doing research, just look for a topic you’re interested in. Don’t wait for it to find you, go find it. Sometimes opportunities do fall into our laps, but other times we find what we want just by looking. We attend a university that thrives on helping its students. Being in the Honors College is an even bigger blessing. Talk to different people, ask around and use the resources that are provided to us. Most of all, if you are a freshman, don’t let it stop you from doing something you’re interested in.

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