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A Collaborative Classroom: Honors Seminar Studies Stigma

By: Dr. Daniel Goldberg, Honors College Faculty Fellow In the course of conducting some research, I formed a basic question. The problem is that I I simply had no satisfactory answer to this question. The subject of my research here was stigma – specifically, why do humans seem to stigmatize each other so much? This is more of a puzzle […]

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5 Blog Posts All Prospective Honors Students Should Read

By: Erika Dietrick, Undergraduate Director of Marketing and Communications As you prepare to join us in Pirate Nation, you likely still have questions about the Honors College experience and life at ECU. Below, we have included links to blog entries written by current Honors College students to help you navigate this momentous occasion. Grateful for Gateway: the Honors Student Perspective […]

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Tomorrow Starts Here: Reflections of an Honors College Senior

By: Sarah Lisson, EC Scholar and Honors College Senior “East Carolina University: tomorrow starts here.” Every time I hear these words at the end of an ECU commercial, I remember the day when my tomorrow started. It was February 29, 2012 — aptly dubbed “Leap Day.” That evening, with scholarship letters in hand, I took a giant leap of faith […]

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Meeting CNN Security Analyst Peter Bergen

By: Madeline (Madie) Fleishman, EC Scholar and Honors College Freshman The following blog post details a unique opportunity for a handful of Honors College students to meet with CNN Security Analyst Peter Bergen. Many extremely interesting events are advertised at ECU, but they don’t necessarily offer insight into my unique career goals; so when Peter Bergen’s name came across my email, I knew […]

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