History of NC Hurricanes

Faculty Information

Faculty Name: Tom Allen

Department: Geography

Contact Information:  allenth@ecu.edu, Brewster A238


Research / Project Description

Highlights of Research / Creative Activity:

I am developing a set of maps and graphics that tell the history of hurricanes in North Carolina and assimilate them in rich graphics and multimedia as well as digital maps on the North Carolina Coastal Atlas.  We are essentially porting a past project website (Storms2Life http://www.ecu.edu/renci/StormsToLife/index.html) to the Atlas (http://www.nccoastalatlas.org/). In the process, we would add some missing information on past hurricanes and update the site to include Hurricane Irene and other recent storms.



Requirements: Background and interest in North Carolina, coastal ecosystems, and/or natural hazards

Class or level of student sought:  Junior or Senior preferred

Needed skills:

  • Strong written communications skills
  • Aptitude for website content creation digital graphics, and GIS mapping software (will train to a degree)


Time Commitment 

Time commitment per week:  5-10hrs/wk

Start Date:  mid-November 2015


This position is paid at $8 per hour.

In addition, students could earn Independent Study course credits in geography or coastal and marine studies.  An exemplary student could be recruited for a paid research assistantship toward a Masters of Science in geography or certificate in GIS.

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