Water Quality Monitoring Technology

Faculty Information

Faculty Name: Randall Etheridge

Department: Engineering and Center for Sustainability

Contact Information: etheridgej15@ecu.edu; Slay 204


Research Description

Highlights of Research:

The research is focused on quantifying the water quality benefits of ecosystem restoration projects or agricultural best management practices to improve their design. The student will be working with data collected using recently developed water quality monitoring technology. The goal of the student’s work will be to determine the error associated with using the new technology. The student will also have the opportunity to visit completed ecosystem restoration projects and gain experience in field monitoring of environmental engineering projects.




  • Enrolled in Engineering
  • Experience with Matlab or a similar program
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel


Time Commitment 

Time commitment per week: Flexible, but prefer 5+ hours

Start Date: Immediately



There may be a paid position available during summer 2016.

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