North Carolina Literary Review Internship

Faculty Information

Faculty Name: Professor Margaret Bauer

Department: English

Contact Information:; 328-1537


Research / Creative Activity Description

Highlights of Creative Activity:


Internship with the North Carolina Literary Review

Students participate in the production of the forthcoming issues of ECU’s award-winning literary magazine/scholarly journal, as well as various submission, sales, marketing, and management activities. Individual interns can develop projects specific to their particular interests and career aspirations, which means that interns do not have to be, for example English majors, nor do they need to be planning for a career in publication. Individual projects might involve marketing, data management, archival research, graphic design, web development, or grant writing (other ideas welcome).



Requirements: Strong basic writing skills

Class or level of student sought: Sophomore or above

Needed skills:

  • Varies: interns essentially need only to be familiar with Word and have strong basic writing skills (i.e., knowledge of basic grammar and punctuation rules).
  • Students must also be able to follow written directions and to pay close attention to detail.
  • Other qualities that serve NCLR staff members well include ingenuity, responsibility, and a strong work ethic.


Time Commitment 

Time commitment per week: 10 hours, if the student wishes to receive course credit (140 total hours in the semester).

Start Date*: Spring semester (for course credit)

*If students wish to talk with the editor about working on a specific project for NCLR rather than enrolling in the internship class and completing 140 total hours, then we can discuss another time frame for the internship.



Interns typically enroll in Professor Bauer’s section of ENGL 4890 (and if they wish to work a full year, also ENGL 4891)

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