Biochemical Toxicology

Faculty Information

Faculty Name: Xiaoping Pan

Department: Biology

Contact Information:, Room 514 Science & Technology Building


Research Description

Highlights of Research: 

Our research of Biochemical Toxicology investigates the mode of action of various substances and materials including crude oil/dispersant system, abused drugs, and metallic nanoparticles, and environmental obesogens etc. Experimental organisms include Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) and Rattus norvegicus (rat). Ongoing projects include 1) Reproductive toxicity of crude oil/dispersant mixture. The mixture of crude oil and chemical dispersant significantly inhibit brood size and affect embryonic development in C. elegans, current researches focus on the regulation of key players in apoptotic machinery by oil/dispersant system; 2) Molecular mechanism of addiction-related behaviors of nicotine; Nicotine induced addiction behaviors (stimulation, dependence, and withdrawal) has been characterized in C. elegans, we currently investigate the regulation of cholinergic and serotonergic signaling and transmission pathways by nicotine; and 3) Peripheral biomarkers in blast-induced neurotrauma. Developing sensitive diagnostic and prognostic markers using well-controlled experiments on model organism represent a critical basic research topic fundamentally important to neuropsychological health and recovery of TBI and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

My website:

The student will be trained by senior students in the lab and then perform their own independent research project.



Requirements:Dedication and commitment to undergraduate research

Class or level of student sought: Freshmen, sophomore, and juniors (NO seniors please, as the independent project usually take 2-3 years to accomplish)

Needed skills:

  • Interests in Biomedical research
  • Strong dedication


Time Commitment 

Time commitment per week: flexible, self-motivation, usually at least 9 hours per week

Start Date: I have 2 honors students now, so not this year. Since May 2016 will be fine.


Students may receive Independent Study course credit through this opportunity.

Pay will be considered for the second year working in my lab, provided productive outcomes in the first year of work.

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