Exercise Effects on Cardiovascular and Diabetes Risk Factors

Faculty Information

Faculty Name: Damon Swift

Department: Kinesiology

Contact Information: swiftd@ecu.edu, FITT 107 (building 189)


Research Description

Highlights of Research:

Our laboratory investigates the effects of exercise training on cardiovascular and diabetes risk factors. We currently have an ongoing American Heart Association funded trial evaluating the combined effects of supervised exercise training in a lab-based setting and increasing physical activity in daily life through Fitbits on adiposity and insulin resistance. Students involved in the program would be able to assist with leading supervised exercise sessions with participants, assist with clinical testing, recruiting of participants, and data management.




Requirements: Exercise science or closely-related health field

Class or level of student sought: undergraduate exercise physiology

Additional requirements:

  • Basic understanding of how to exercise participants
  • Previous experience in blood pressure and heart rate assessment are helpful, but not required.



Time Commitment 

Time commitment per week: 10-12 hrs.

Start Date: Jan 2016


Students may receive Independent Study course credit for this opportunity.

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