Rewriting Theatre in the Hispanic Caribbean

Faculty Information

Faculty Name: Katherine Ford

Department: Foreign Languages and Literatures (Hispanic Studies)

Contact Information:, Bate 3323, 328-6523


Research Description

Highlights of Research:

I am in the final stages of completing a book project (abstract below). I would be happy to work with a student researcher on this project, asking him/her to help me find and synthesize research on the plays and context that I am writing about and compiling an index for publication as well as other smaller research projects on theater in Latin America and the use and role of literature and second language teaching in the university. However, I would also be happy to work with students on related research projects on Latin American literature and/ or theater.


Abstract for my book project:

Rewriting the Stage: A Theater of Revisions in the Hispanic Caribbean

“Revising the Stage” explores the theater of revisions in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. While every good writer knows that the art of writing is rewriting, this becomes even more important in theater where revisions from the playwright, the director, the actors and others define the end result seen or read by the audience; revisions are fundamental to the process. With this in mind, how does revising—in the broad sense of re-visioning—affect the final product, both the script and the performance? I will explore the idea of rewriting and revisioning in the context of the use of ancient Greek theater, religious imagery, national historical events, and important literary texts from the island itself to understand how rewriting affects the stage in the Hispanic Caribbean in the twentieth century.




  • Some Spanish language skills
  • Research skills (Familiarity with or willingness to learn MLA Directory, Google searches)


Time Commitment 

Time commitment per week: 5 hours a week

Start Date: Spring semester 2016



Students may receive Independent Study course credit through this opportunity.

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