Department of Kinesiology Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

To facilitate exposure of undergraduate students to research laboratories in the Department of Kinesiology
Faculty in the Department of Kinesiology conducts basic and applied research in various disciplines of Kinesiology including exercise physiology, biomechanics, activity promotion, and motor control. Currently, senior undergraduate students majoring in Exercise Physiology have an opportunity to participate in research by choosing to conduct their internships in these labs (KINE 4991/4992). While this mechanism has been effective in identifying and mentoring students who are interested in research, this opportunity is usually only available to the graduating seniors. The goal of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is to create opportunities for students early in their years (especially for sophomores and juniors) to make contacts with faculty who might be interested in student participation.
Director: Katsu Funai,, 737-4684
Associate Director: Julie Cox,, 737-1295
Advisory Committee: Joseph Houmard,, 737-4617
Jeffrey Brault,, 744-1225
Kandy Houmard,, 727-1291
Nick Murray,, 737-2977
Mike McCammon,, 737-1293
Stacey Altman,, 328-2973
 Mass-advising meetings for students (October/March)
 Kinesiology Classes (e.g., EXSS3805)
 Honors College (HNRS3000)
 Kinesiology Major’s Club
 Brochures and advertisements
 Option A: KINE 4001/4002/4003/4004, Special Topics (total of 6 credits as Electives)
 Option B: KINE 4991/4992, Independent Research/Research Internship
 Option C: Extracurricular activity
 Option D: Fellowships (summer)
o East Carolina University URCA Awards (
o Department of Kinesiology UROP fellowships (faculty matching award, up to 5 awards/yr)
o Extramural undergraduate research fellowships (e.g.,
 Undergraduate Research Symposium
o Time: During the Reading day at the end of Spring semester (once a year)
o Venue: potentially the 1st floor of ECHI
o Poster presentations by all Kinesiology undergraduate students involved in research
o Awards
 Local Undergraduate Research Awards in Physiology (LURAP) award program from American Physiological Society (1 student)
 Director’s Award on Undergraduate Research Innovation (1 student)
 Chair’s Award on Undergraduate Research Excellence (1 student)

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