Independent Study Course Credit

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Partnering User Experience with Higher Education – Department of English – Dr. Getto


Biomechanics of Dance – Department of Dance – Dr. Darkenwald


History of NC Hurricanes – Department of Geography – Dr. Allen


4 Nutrition and Nutrition Science Research Projects – Department of Allied Health Sciences – Dr. Carraway-Stage


North Carolina Literary Review Internship – Department of English – Dr. Bauer


3D Printing /Advance Manufacturing and Renewable Energy – Department of Technology – Dr. Agarwala


Cellular Posttranscriptional Response to Hypoxia – Department of Biology – Dr. Mansfield


How Do Mitochondrial Respiratory Proteins Work? – Department of Biology – Dr. Zeczycki


Biochemical Toxicology – Department of Biology – Dr. Pan


Protein Effect on Germline Stem Cells – Department of Biology – Dr. Keiper


Catalytic Reaction Mechanisms Through Quantum Mechanical Models and Supercomputing – Department of Chemistry – Dr. Sargent


Mechanisms Underlying Dedifferentiation and Tumorigenesis – Department of Medicine – Dr. Myon Hee Lee


Exercise Effects on Cardiovascular and Diabetes Risk Factors – Department of Kinesiology – Dr. Swift


Buddhist Holy Land in India and Nepal – Department of Religious Studies – Dr. Maher


Rewriting Theatre in the Hispanic Caribbean – Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures – Dr. Ford


Contemporary Legend and the Intersection of Health and Legends –Department of English – Dr. Kitta