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3D Printing / Advance Manufacturing and Renewable Energy

Faculty Information Faculty Name: Dr. Ranjeet Agarwala Department: Technology Systems Contact Information: agarwalar@ecu.edu, 328-9642   Research Description Highlights of Research: 3D Printing /Advance Manufacturing and Renewable Energy: Student will assist in various research activities related to 3D printing and 3D Printing /Advance Manufacturing and Renewable Energy.     Qualifications Requirements:Students must have a technology or engineering background Class or level

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Water Quality Monitoring Technology

Faculty Information Faculty Name: Randall Etheridge Department: Engineering and Center for Sustainability Contact Information: etheridgej15@ecu.edu; Slay 204   Research Description Highlights of Research: The research is focused on quantifying the water quality benefits of ecosystem restoration projects or agricultural best management practices to improve their design. The student will be working with data collected using recently developed water quality monitoring

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Strengthening the Product Design and Development Process

Faculty Information Faculty Name: Brian Sylcott Department: Engineering Contact Information: sylcottb15@ecu.edu   Research Description Highlights of Research:   The focus of my research is gaining a better understanding of how consumers evaluate and form preferences for products. The goal is to use this information to aid in the product design and development process. The work entails collecting data while potential

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