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Mechanisms Underlying Dedifferentiation and Tumorigenesis

Faculty Information Faculty Name: Myon-Hee Lee Department: Medicine Contact Information: leemy@ecu.edu; 252-744-3134   Research Description Highlights of Research:  Dedifferentiation is the reverse developmental process in which differentiated cells with specialized functions revert to a more undifferentiated and multipotent cells. This process is important for replacing a lost stem cell population and has been implicated in the formation of tumor-initiating cells

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Protein Effect on Germline Stem Cells

Faculty Information Faculty Name:            Brett D. Keiper, PhD Department:              Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Contact Information:   Tel: (252) 744-2656     Lab: (252) 744-2693 ;  keiperb@ecu.edu http://www.ecu.edu/cs-dhs/biochemistry/Faculty-Keiper.cfm   Research Description Highlights of Research: The research in my lab studies mRNA translation in developing germ cells (sperm and eggs). The purpose is to see how protein synthesis is subtly regulated to cause

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