Ray Hylock, PhD | Lab Director
Ray Hylock, PhD
Dr. Hylock is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Services and Information Management at East Carolina University. He received his BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in High Technology Management from California State University, San Marcos, and MS and PhD in Informatics with an emphasis in Health Informatics from the University of Iowa. His research primarily focuses on computation advancements to support patient care in the areas of health care databases/data warehouses, federation, advanced data structures, optimization, and heuristics.


Akshat Kapoor, PhD | Investigator
We are pleased to announce Dr. Kapoor has recently joined the HSIM faculty. He will be a great asset to the lab and are very excited to have him. His information will soon be integrated with this site.

Elizabeth Baker, MS
Ms. Baker is a research assistant in the HSIM Computational Lab. She is currently working on her MS in Health Informatics and Information Management. Her academic background is in physics, holding both BS (Bucknell University) and MS (Emory University) degrees in the field. She has numerous publications in this area and is a part-time physics instructor at Beaufort County Community College.

James Woodward, BA
Mr. Woodward is a research assistant for the Health Services and Information Management department. He is currently working on his MS in Health Informatics and Information Management. His academic background is in Political Science, holding a BA from the State University of NY – Binghamton.