Java Optimization Test Function Suite

The Java Optimization Test Function Suite provides 102 JUnit validated test functions crafted from a consensus of 52 published sources. This is the most comprehensive Java-based collection of its kind.

Download the suite

There are three files available for download. To download the zip files, select the link, then in the upper right-hand corner of Google Drive, select download.

  • JavaOTFS.tar.gz (120 KB) — Contains the necessary jar files (OptimizationTestFunctions.jar for the collections and lib/mpi.jar for MPI-based solution space exploration).
  • JavaOTFS_src.tar.gz (232 KB) — The source code.
  • JavaOTFS_JavaDoc.tar.gz (144 KB) — The JavaDoc for the suite.
  • JavaOTFS.pdf — Document containing a description of all functions and referenced sourced.

Project lead: Ray Hylock