Program Overview

Study the Coast Around the North Atlantic Ocean!

Outer Banks (NC, USA)  >  Iceland  >  England Wales   >   Ireland   >  Outer Banks  

Investigation of Coastal Geoscience (ICGeo): North Atlantic Ocean is a study abroad program that enables students to experience coasts and cultures around the North Atlantic Ocean. The coast is the transition zone from land to sea and is morphologically complex, societally important and dramatically dynamic in many areas. Each locality has its own formative history, linked to Earth processes and human activities. This field-based home-and-abroad program will expose students to coastal geomorphic diversity, geological history, controlling processes, and human connections and use of the coast and ocean. The core part of the program will be a 16-day exploration of the North Atlantic coasts for 4 credits (GEOL 2500/2501, 3 credits and 1 credit, respectively), and there is an optional (2 credit) directed study component, to enable individuals to gain additional experience and further explore a topic of interest.



Students will experience and explore various destinations in North Carolina, Iceland, England, Wales and Ireland (see map and photos). The program will commence on the Outer Banks at the UNC Coastal Studies Institute with an overview of the NC and U.S. Mid-Atlantic coast, including a dialog on societal use and management challenges. Next, the class will discuss Atlantic Ocean plate tectonics, sea-floor spreading and margin morphology, and will enjoy a visit to Iceland to give students a first-hand perspective of volcanic processes at a divergent plate boundary and see the resulting immature coastline. Continental-margin and deep-water sedimentation will be addressed by examination of ancient strata, such as Jurassic outcrops in Devon, the White Cliffs of Dover (England) and the stunning Cliffs of Moher (Ireland).  Museum visits, guest (local) lecturers and coastal measurements will provide an immersive, incredible educational experience for a limited number of participating students.  Apply TODAY … Time is running out and spots are limited!!

Some highlights:
  • Earn up to 6 credits from East Carolina University.
  • Explore and analyze coastlines near and far.
  • Hike an Icelandic glacier and view volcanic processes.
  • Browse famous cities, museums and historical sites in the UK.
  • Climb ancient mountains and study breathtaking scenery and strata.
  • Experience different cultures and understand environmental challenges.
Questions? Contact: Dr. J.P. Walsh  (252) 328-5432 or (252) 475-5429