Adapted Dice

Adapted tools provide learners the opportunity to use certain pieces of equipment: scissors, pens, pencils, and various types of highlighters to enhance learning and provide access to the curriculum.  In a home setting, adapted tools can be items such as these dice that assist with playing games.

Big Keys Plus Keyboard

This is a simplified computer keyboard. The keys are listed in A-B-C order, unlike your typical QWERTY keyboard.   Contains all essential characters, easy-to-read key labels on 1-inch squares and all vowels are highlighted in yellow. Even if you hold down a key, it will only type the character once. Compatible with all major software packages/no special software required.


The original Bookchair, hand finished out of rubber wood, with cotton cloth backing alleviates neck and back problems when reading. Adjusts to three different angles. The unobtrusive pegs, which extend outwards for extra thick books hold the pages in place. Useful for any leisure reading, cookbooks, studies, computer work, craftwork, travelling etc.

Carson-Dellosa Math File Folder

Perfect for use in centers or for individual practice, aligned with Common Core State Standards for curriculum reinforcement. Features include 16 full color game boards with coordinating game pieces and a 24 page resource guide.–Math-File-Folder-Game-140308

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

  The patented shape of the mouse supports your hand in an upright neutral posture that generally avoids forearm twisting. Many users, including medical doctors, ergonomists and physical therapists, said the Evoluent Vertical Mouse provides superior comfort and even relieved their wrist pain.

Hands Free Page Magnifier

Hands Free Page Magnifier is an adjustable visual aid that has a viewing lens which can assist individuals with visual impairments.  This low tech device has adjustable neck straps that helps the user keep the magnifier at a desired distance from books or any other piece of work.  This device has stands which assist with viewing reading or even when writing.  It’s compact and easy to store and use.  This Hands Free Page Magnifier is a great home component to provide an ease of access Continue reading →

Height Adjustable Desk

Adjusting the height of a desk can allow a student in a wheelchair the opportunity to sit without the hassle of the table being too low. This can be used in a classroom, home, or work environment to increase the productivity and comfort of the student or worker.

Joystick Plus

  The Joystick Plus has been specifically designed to improve computer access where the user may have difficulties with a conventional mouse. This robust unit has many special features including a speed control key, latching drag switch and buttons that allow only up/down or left/right movements of the cursor. This mouse alternative is ideal for users with motor-skill difficulties.