Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters

Literacy Starter book titles An Answer for Everything  STF Civil War-States & Slavery  STF Continents and Countries- Africa  STF Deserts-Surviving the Sun and Sand  STF Early Settlers-Changes and Challenges  STF Families-Rights and Responsibilities  STF Insects- Necessity or Nuisance?  STF Jobs-Work to Live and Learn Life Cycles  Birth and Beyond STF Life Skills-Fun and Functional  STF Mark Twain-Tall Tales and Trouble STF Plants- Science and Surroundings  STF Recycling- Cash in the Trash  STF Solar Systems- Surprises in Space  STF Sports- Safety and Success STF The Week-Seven Continue reading →

Start to Finish Books with Audio CD

Start to Finish Books with Audio CD 20,000 Leaugues Under the Sea STF A Midsummer Night’s Dream STF A Scandal in Bohemia STF A Space Voyage STF Abe Lincoln Speaks STF Adventures of Huck and Finn STF Book Against All Odds STF Alcatraz The Rock STF Ali The Greatest STF Anna of Green Gables STF Big Ben is Dead STF Black Beauty STF Border Crossing STF Building Wings Book STF Captains Courageous STF Charles Darwin STF Cleopatra STF Death at Jamestown STF Earthquake! STF Edgar Allan Continue reading →

Early Literacy Skills Builder

The Early Literacy Skills Builder (ELSB) program incorporates systematic instruction to teach both print and phonemic awareness. ELSB is a multi-year program with seven distinct levels and ongoing assessments so students’ progress at their own pace.