Cheap Talk

The Cheap Talk is a Low/Moderate Tech AAC device for early communicators; the Cheap Talk allows for up to four communication choices.  It is activated by pressing one of the four message squares or by plugging external switches into the four input jacks on the side, 5 seconds per message. Additionally, two output jacks allow unit to activate two devices.

Color Bug

Color Bug by RC Art Toys is a radio controlled drawing toy that allows kids to make pictures by remote control. A ladybug-shaped toy that draws on art surfaces using markers that snap into the toy. Using the toy’s radio-controller, kids create colorful art by steering turns and spins. Just snap in an included marker, place the Color Bug on large white paper and hit the switch. This toy is an excellent choice for providing access to children who may struggle with grasping a marker Continue reading →

Color Wheel

Providing a unique new way to create art, Magic Spin Art is designed for kids with explosive creativity. Drop the paint on the mechanized spinner and watch it splay out in a beautiful design. As kids get better at making spin art, they’ll learn to control their spins and produce even more intricate and complex designs. A fun and educational toy, Spin Art can teach children artistic creativity as well as manual dexterity and coordination.

Communication Builder

Adjusts to your developing skills. This Communication Builder is equipped with frames, which allows you to refine communication choices as the person develops new skills. Record your own messages with the simplest push of a button. Light, durable and easy to carry with a built in handle. Frames included are 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16-window options. Re-recording is required when you change window frames. Total recording time is 300 seconds.

Early Literacy Skills Builder

The Early Literacy Skills Builder (ELSB) program incorporates systematic instruction to teach both print and phonemic awareness. ELSB is a multi-year program with seven distinct levels and ongoing assessments so students’ progress at their own pace.

Eazy Hold

The EazyHold ® universal cuff grip assist is an affordable general use strap that helps people accomplish daily living activities independently despite physical conditions or disabilities impacting grip strength. The flexible universal cuffs attach securely to get a grip on handles of utensils, tools, toys and more. Adaptable assistive device is made of soft, flexible food-grade silicone, hypoallergenic and latex free. Seven sizes Aqua – 6 1/2″, Blue – 5 1/4″, Lavender – 5 1/2″, Green – 4 1/2″, Orange – 5″, Pink – 4″, Continue reading →

Floating Pillow Switch

The Floating Pillow switch is a great device for children who are Deaf/Blind.  The “Oversized, bumpy targeting surface responds to the slightest pressure, offering users a delightful somatosensory experience as it rewards them with music, vibration, and lights, stimuli vary as different areas are touched. Can also be used as a switch to activate adapted devices.

Frog Switch

An adorable, light touch animal switch that is playful to children.  The switch can bring excitement into the classroom. The switch device can be used with a switch-adapted device or toy.  

Go Talk 4

GoTalk 4+ is a lightweight and portable communication tool, includes a total of 4.5 minutes of recording time with a 22-message capacity. Four three square keys, five recording levels and two core message keys remain constant and make recording and playing back easy – great for “hello” or “all done”.  This device can help with language development and communication skills; providing students with a voice.

Hand Fidget

Fidget toys, or stress toys are tools that are used to help calm the body and mind. Many children (and adults!) feel an uncontrollable urge to fidget and move around. This need for movement is often a distraction to both the child and those around him. Fidget toys allow the child to experience movement without having to actually get up and move around. Playing with a fidget toy provides the tactile stimulation their mind is craving, which can calm their mind, allowing the child to Continue reading →

Heavy Herbert

Heavy Herbert is a weighted lap doll. He can be hugged, lifted and carried for heavy work. Use Herbert as a lap pad to improve concentration during circle time and homework time. He supports sensory integration, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills and ADHD and sensory processing disorders.  

iTalk2 Communicator

The iTalk2 dual-message communicator gives students the freedom to choose between two activities, such as listening to music or a story. iTalk2 is also perfect for asking and answering questions, telling jokes and making comments in social situations. Instructions printed on the device which has 2 minutes of recording time. Add a toy or appliance for immediate positive reinforcement and to enhance messages. 

Keys U See Kids

This large print keyboard comes with a compact, color coordinated mouse, and features color-coded keys to highlight vowels, consonants and numbers. 

Kid Galaxy Fire Truck

This large, soft, squeezable fire truck has a remote control shaped like a steering wheel. The buttons on the steering wheel remote control are oversized, making it easy for children’s small hands and for people of nearly any ability to operate. Kid Galaxy’s Fire Truck is made of soft, durable plastic, which reduces the chance of injuries, as well as protecting the toy itself when falling. 

Large Easel Step Talking Sequencer

Step Talking Sequencer Switch Plate is a communicator for the non-speaking adult or child. It allows the user to express a sequential series of pre-recorded messages (300 seconds total) when the switch plate is activated. Allows a person with even the most limited communication skills to carry on a simple conversation. Ideal for a number of different purposes including sequencing, testing, directions, multiplication, memorization, medical instructions, storytelling and singalongs.


The Light Box is designed for use in visual stimulation and training activities for individuals with low vision.  Used with overlays and other materials, this Light Box stimulates awareness of light, color and objects and assists in the development of tracking, scanning, eye hand coordination, visual discrimination, and perceptual skills.

Listen to Me Communicator

Listen to Me is a portable, lightweight augmentative communication device that offers twelve message buttons which can be adjusted and changed to fit certain needs and situations. Each button has a ten second recording time.  This is extremely helpful for kids who are non-verbal and can reduce the frustration associated with communication.

Little Step by Step

Record any series of messages into the LITTLE Step-by-Step Communicator. Press its activation surface once to hear the first message. Press it again to hear the next message in the sequence, and so on. Two full minutes of recording time allow you to record as many messages as you need. LITTLE Step-by-Step features an angled base and 2 ½-inch activation surface. Powered by a replaceable 9 volt battery – LITTLE Step-by-Step never needs charging and can last for weeks or even months on a single Continue reading →

Math Numberline

The Jumbo10 and the Teacher 31 Mathline has oval-shaped rings, 1″ high numbers and fits right on student’s desk, 21″ long. For PreK, special needs – visually impaired or limited motion. The rings are equipped with tabs for easy manipulating.