Adapted Scissors

Offers stability as the scissors are fixed to a plastic base with nonslip pads at each corner. The scissors are operated by depressing the large “T” shaped handle. The spring will automatically reopen the scissors after the cutting action has been completed. Assists with weak grip, poor hand control, tremor and one handed.

Base Trainer

Direct selection communicator and perceptual training activity designed for use by children with communication or speech disabilities.  This augmentative and alternative communication device has four pockets holding switch plates in an in-line layout.  Four audio messages can be recorded (8 seconds per message) and played back by pressing one of the plates.

Big Keys Plus Keyboard

This is a simplified computer keyboard. The keys are listed in A-B-C order, unlike your typical QWERTY keyboard.   Contains all essential characters, easy-to-read key labels on 1-inch squares and all vowels are highlighted in yellow. Even if you hold down a key, it will only type the character once. Compatible with all major software packages/no special software required.

Big Mack

          Students who have visual disabilities or require a larger activation surface, will have no problem operating the BIGmack communicator’s large, 5-inch activation surface to communicate with teachers, classmates and the world around you. It’s easy to record a single message with up to 2 minutes of playback. Playback your message and activate a toy or appliance at the same time! This communicator includes a Snap Switch Cap and easily interchangeable switch tops in red, yellow, green, and blue.

Cheap Talk

The Cheap Talk is a Low/Moderate Tech AAC device for early communicators; the Cheap Talk allows for up to four communication choices.  It is activated by pressing one of the four message squares or by plugging external switches into the four input jacks on the side, 5 seconds per message. Additionally, two output jacks allow unit to activate two devices.

Color Bug

Color Bug by RC Art Toys is a radio controlled drawing toy that allows kids to make pictures by remote control. A ladybug-shaped toy that draws on art surfaces using markers that snap into the toy. Using the toy’s radio-controller, kids create colorful art by steering turns and spins. Just snap in an included marker, place the Color Bug on large white paper and hit the switch. This toy is an excellent choice for providing access to children who may struggle with grasping a marker Continue reading →

Color Wheel

Providing a unique new way to create art, Magic Spin Art is designed for kids with explosive creativity. Drop the paint on the mechanized spinner and watch it splay out in a beautiful design. As kids get better at making spin art, they’ll learn to control their spins and produce even more intricate and complex designs. A fun and educational toy, Spin Art can teach children artistic creativity as well as manual dexterity and coordination.

Communication Builder

Adjusts to your developing skills. This Communication Builder is equipped with frames, which allows you to refine communication choices as the person develops new skills. Record your own messages with the simplest push of a button. Light, durable and easy to carry with a built in handle. Frames included are 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16-window options. Re-recording is required when you change window frames. Total recording time is 300 seconds.

Early Literacy Skills Builder

The Early Literacy Skills Builder (ELSB) program incorporates systematic instruction to teach both print and phonemic awareness. ELSB is a multi-year program with seven distinct levels and ongoing assessments so students’ progress at their own pace.