Adapted Tools

Adapted tools provide learners various ways to access the curriculum and interact with it.  Adapted tools provide learners the opportunity to use certain pieces of equipment: scissors, pens, pencils, and various types of highlighters to enhance learning and provide access to the curriculum.  These small low-tech pieces are modified various ways to enhance the needs to learners and to help with Universal Design for Learning.

Bread Slicer

Etac Relieve cutting board, Enables a person with tremor or impaired sight to cut firmly and safely. By turning the transverse bar, the thickness of the slices is easily changed. A knife fits in the guides, which makes it possible to cut safe and straight. An invaluable help to compensate impaired sight.  Etac Relieve kitchen knife, Relieve knives have an angled handle and sharp edge which make cutting easier. With the hand placed in the handle the knife is perfectly balanced and requires very little Continue reading →

Canisters Set

Clear plastic storage containers with easy open lids.  Requires no twisting, turning or hand strength for opening or closing. Ideal for anyone with limited hand strength. 

Cheap Talk

The Cheap Talk is a Low/Moderate Tech AAC device for early communicators; the Cheap Talk allows for up to four communication choices.  It is activated by pressing one of the four message squares or by plugging external switches into the four input jacks on the side, 5 seconds per message. Additionally, two output jacks allow unit to activate two devices.

Easy Push Talk Buttons

The Easy Push Talking Pocket is a Low/Moderate Tech AAC device for early communicators. It is made of two parts: the voice-over and the plastic pocket. Each button can hold one 10 second message. This device is great for the home and for school! It is also small enough for on-the-go. 

Environmental Control Switch

The Powerlink 3 is an environmental control switch which enables individuals with and without disabilities is able to control most electric appliances, tools and toys with single switches.  The control unit also provides individuals to activate two devices in sequence or alone.   The device contains 4 modes of control: timed – seconds, timed – minutes, direct, and latch.   The Powerlink 3 can be used in the home, work, and school environment with providing an alternative way of using different appliances or other devices. 

I.D Mate

I.D. Mate SUMMIT is a high tech AT device and acts as a hand held computer and recorder. This device can be used to identify anything like cans, clothes, important papers, memos, and more! The I.D. Mate has two different modes: I.D. Mode and Memo Mode. I.D. mode is used to identify items and memo mode is used to record and listen to messages you need. This device can be used at home, in the workplace, or at school.

Jar Opener

Hamilton Beach 76800 Cordless Jar Opener •Effortless push-button opening •Simply place the jar opener on top of the jar and press the engage button •Compact for easy storage in a drawer or cabinet •Opens a wide variety of jar sizes-no jar is too tall •Durable and built to last–knives-product-archive-open-ease-automatic-jar-opener-76801.html 

Laser Music Player

The Laser Band allows children and adults with even severe physical and cognitive challenges to create, record, and experience the joy of playing music. It provides broad therapeutic opportunities while children and adults take pleasure in playing fantastic music.