Personal Perspectives: Disability Golden Rule

This has been a tough academic year for many reasons, most of which have the underlying theme of coping with a disability that impacts communication. It has led me to think deeply about advocacy – self-advocacy and advocacy by others when they see something (a situation or behaviors) that should not be happening, particularly in regard to disability. As a special educator, my mind follows this train of thought straight back to students and families that I used to work with in K-12 schools and Continue reading →

Multi- Sensory Learning

Guest Post: Logan Campbell, M.Ed. (ECU SPED UG Alumni! Argh!) Engaging student’s senses not only makes lessons more engaging but is especially important for students with disabilities. I currently teach a class with students with medical fragility. All use wheelchairs and most have visual and hearing impairments. Here are some easy ways to include all the senses in your classroom! Sensory bottles– I use these every morning to talk about the weather. Most of my students have Cortical Vision Impairment so the bright colors and Continue reading →

Glyphs: A Useful Tool and How to Implement them!

Guest Post by Katie Hollingsworth; EQUIPPED Scholar, ECU As an elementary special education teacher in the adapted curriculum, I am always looking for ways to make my student work more meaningful. Sure, we could cut out pieces of construction paper and use hand-over-hand to get them to put the craft together or we could use verbal prompting to get them to scribble on a piece of paper, but is that truly an image of what my students can do? I think not. A few months Continue reading →

IHAT Center ~ Professional Learning Community

Happy Spring 2017! Argh! We are thrilled to introduce our new IHAT Professional Learning Community blog here at the IHAT Center! Our vision for this blog is for us – those with disabilities, as well as those who live, love and work with individuals with disabilities – to share information for all of us to learn from and better enhance our professional and personal practices. We would love to hear from you – if you have an idea for a posting to our blog, please Continue reading →