After Shokz

Using bone conduction technology, AfterShokz have an open ear design and features that allow hearing impaired or deaf users to have increased hearing – and its universal design features offer all individuals situational awareness for safety. For examples, athletes can stay safely connected to music while working out safely.

Audable Personal Amplifier

The Audable Personal Amplifier is a mid-tech device that “amplifies sounds to your ears but also filters background noise to bring you a clear and crisp sound in a multitude of situations”.  The Audable device can be a great assistive technology device for enhancing an individual with hearing impairments in various settings such as a lecture hall or a meeting.  The device provides the opportunity to hear conversation with an ease of access. 

Big Mack

          Students who have visual disabilities or require a larger activation surface, will have no problem operating the BIGmack communicator’s large, 5-inch activation surface to communicate with teachers, classmates and the world around you. It’s easy to record a single message with up to 2 minutes of playback. Playback your message and activate a toy or appliance at the same time! This communicator includes a Snap Switch Cap and easily interchangeable switch tops in red, yellow, green, and blue.

Brailler Printer

Helps students learn Braille! Motivates students and builds confidence by using the standard braille keyboard combined with instantaneous audio feedback and hardcopy braille output Enables better collaboration between students and sighted teachers or parents using Roman letters on the display screen to mirror what is being brailled. Allows students to save and transfer their work as a text file via a USB port, so that sighted teachers can read the document on a computerEye tracking technology provides a way for individuals with motor disabilities to Continue reading →

Classmate Reader

“The ClassMate Reader audio book player reads aloud and simultaneously displays and highlights text on its full color screen. Its simple, flexible interface can be configured to the user’s specific needs.  It also includes helpful study tools to enhance learning such as bookmarks, voice recording, highlighting function and a speaking dictionary. With built-in text-to-speech, it works with e-text or NIMAS files.”  The Classmate Reader helps enhance learning by improving reading qualities for individuals with and without disabilities.”

Communication Packet Book

“The Pocket-Sized Communication Book keeps picture communication symbols in reach so individuals with or without disabilities can communicate their wants and needs anytime. Designed to display 1” or 2” symbols, it fits nicely in a breast or hip pocket.”  The Communication Pocket Book allows individuals to utilize communication symbols in a minimal way; it can be used to hold information for meetings and to remember specific daily tasks also in an office setting. 

Go Talk Buttons

Go Talk Buttons are easy and discrete communication devices.  The Go Talk Buttons enhance a conversation or can be used for reminders for an individual.  The Go Talk Button records one 10-second message with a large PLAY button activation surface.

Hands Free Page Magnifier

Hands Free Page Magnifier is an adjustable visual aid that has a viewing lens which can assist individuals with visual impairments.  This low tech device has adjustable neck straps that helps the user keep the magnifier at a desired distance from books or any other piece of work.  This device has stands which assist with viewing reading or even when writing.  It’s compact and easy to store and use.  This Hands Free Page Magnifier is a great home component to provide an ease of access Continue reading →

Height Adjustable Desk

Adjusting the height of a desk can allow a student in a wheelchair the opportunity to sit without the hassle of the table being too low. This can be used in a classroom, home, or work environment to increase the productivity and comfort of the student or worker.