Why bother? A case for language diversity in North Carolina

A talk by Dr. Walt Wolfram

William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of English

North Carolina State University

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bate 1026

Languages and linguistic diversity are a unique asset of humankind and, in a time where most of the world’s languages are facing a situation of endangerment, all and any efforts are necessary to raise awareness of their presence and their diversity in every community. Eastern North Carolina and East Carolina IMLD@ECU'14University are no exception and have become home to a significant number of very diverse languages and linguistic communities.

Since the year 2000, UNESCO has been celebrating the International Mother Language Day, in an attempt to promote the use of native languages, raise awareness about the vast linguistic diversity worldwide, and advocate for the rights of their speakers. At East Carolina University we also want to celebrate the wealth of languages by portraying the linguistic diversity present at the local university community and by engaging students, faculty, and scholars in a discussion regarding the importance of recognizing and preserving mother languages.