January 2012 Minutes

IRCC Meeting Minutes
Cotanche 108
January 25, 2012

Karl Abrahamson, George Bailey, Wendy Creasey, May Chang, Michael Dixon, Ray Drake, Karl Faser, Erick Green, Tom Lamb, Donna McDonald, Len Rhodes, Clayton Sessoms, Joel Sweatte, Don Sweet, Nasseh Tabrizi, Leonard Trujillo, Margaret Umphrey, Bill Wittman, Biwu Yang

Meeting Minutes and Updates:   (Wendy Creasey)
September and October minutes were approved as submitted.

Wendy led a discussion on changing the IRCC meeting time from 8:00a.m. to 8:30a.m. It was decided that the group would continue to meet at 8:00a.m.

Wendy provided the following updates to the September and October minutes.

  • Agreement Statement to Computer Use Policy in Onestop became effective January 1, 2012
  • Micro-soft Voicemail Speech to Text feature has been removed.
  • CommonSpot is performing well. Currently moving forward with the next upgrade and any initiative to replace ComonSpot is on hold.
  • Blackboard was upgraded to a new service pack in December without any problems.
  • Distributed Antenna project has been put on hold for now.

Networking Redesign   (Tom Lamb)
Tom is leading efforts to initiate a network redesign for campus. His team is currently preparing an executive summary that outlines vlan assignments, IP addressing, management tools and equipment age in an effort to determine the status and functionality of the existing network. Network teams are also meeting with personnel at the departmental level to document their functional and business requirements as well as their anticipated growth. Tom encouraged IRCC members to take this information back to their respective colleges and encourage staff/faculty to provide the necessary information at the appropriate time.

Removal of Banner ID as the default PirateID Password:  (Ray Drake)
The university wants the option to make ECUID (bannerID) public  directory information.  The charge is to modify the password reset process to:

  • Remove ECUID as the default password
  • Establish a better method to distribute the initial password
  • Lower Help Desk calls for password resets

Solutions include:

  • Replace ECUID with a random password
  • Move to account self-activation
  • Require password maintenance registration

Advantages of the change include:

  • Elimination of ECUID as the initial password
  • Users are automatically registered into the password maintenance portal upon completion of account activation
  • Eliminates the manual distribution of the initial password to users
  • Provides an easy-to-use system that reduces initial user interaction

A timeline has not yet been determined. Teams are currently working with Admissions, HR and Registrar to establish feasible implementation timelines.

Cloud Computing Regulation: (Margaret Umphrey)
Margaret presented a final draft of the Cloud Computing Regulation. The group offered feedback in regard to what specific information would require CIO approval. Margaret agreed to revise the draft to incorporate the suggested verbiage. The updated draft will be taken before the Technology Steering Committee (TSC) on 1/26 for approval.

UNC Security Framework Implementation Plan:  (Margaret Umphrey)
IT Security is performing a Gap Analysis to determine if current university policies and procedures meet the standard set forth by ISO.  Once policy gaps are identified a risk assessment will be performed to determine why gaps exist and to develop controls that can help eliminate future policy variations. The goal is to have the Gap Analysis completed by 4/1 and the Risk Assessment completed by 5/1. The approval process requires feedback and endorsements from the IRCC, the TSC and the PRR committee.

Project Updates (including phone roster): (Don Sweet)
Software Development Services (SDS) is currently hosting 65 major projects with 16 projects deemed priority. Top priority projects include Kronos and electronic Travel System upgrades.  Kronos is the new time keeping system. ITCS is assisting as needed but HR is managing the project. The Kronos pilot is scheduled for March 1 and includes 377 employees from Family Medicine, OBGYN, HR, Payroll, Systems Coordination and Facilities Services.  Twenty – six time clocks were purchased and will be strategically placed around campus. Kronos can also be accessed online via your desktop or laptop computer. Final implementation is expected 4 to 5 months after the pilot.  The implementation will be initiated through HR.

Updates to the online travel system will give managers/supervisors the ability to review, approve or disapprove travel requests electronically. Individuals requesting travel will be required to image all travel documents and submit to their managers for approval.

Programmers are working to develop an internal Admissions application to replace the applications provided through Banner and through CFNC.

Online Surveys:
A concern regarding the use of email to conduct informal surveys was brought before the committee. On occasion faculty are asked to submit their opinion, via email survey, on various faculty issues. The specific concern is the ability to maintain anonymity when submitting a survey on sensitive issues. Wendy agreed to research and bring back to the IRCC next month.

General Updates:  (Wendy Creasey)

  • New IT Governance Charts posted at www.ecu.edu/ircc
    • Updated – Distance Education & Learning Technology (DELT) is the committee formerly known as Faculty Information Technology Committee (FITC). This is a faculty senate sub-committee chaired by Dr. Nasseh Tabrizi.
    • Updated – The Technology Executive Committee has been renamed  the Technology Steering Committee (TSC)
  • Remote Access:  Tom Lamb announced that ITCS was working on a plan to require VPN for remote access to systems on the ECU network.  Remote access was defined as actions such as remote desktop (ex. RDP) and not typical web traffic (ex. ports 80 or 443).  Further details will be available this spring.
  • Website redesign went live 1/23. CommonSpot templates are in place and web developers, marketing, and publications are receiving positive feedback overall.
  • IRCC membership will be updated to ensure that there is adequate representation from each area. A request will be issued to add a representative from the dental school.
  • Wendy presented two Educause surveys that shared information that she would like to incorporate into our faculty and staff surveys. She asked the group to review the handouts and submit input to her via email within the next few days.
  • SharePoint upgrade for 2010 should occur during the summer.






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