September 2013 Minutes


Phillip Allen, George Bailey, Dana Brooks, Tony Cooke, Wendy Creasey, Michael Dixon, Ray Drake, Karl Faser, Amy Frank, Cheryl Godwin, Matt Long, Martin Jackson, Donna McDonald, Richard Ramirez, Clayton Sessoms, Ginny Sconiers,  Brad Simons, Joel Sweatte, Ken Wilson, Karl Wuensch

Committee Charter: 

There was a brief review of the IRCC charter and roster. Copies of the charter were given to each member present during today’s meeting. Information from the Web Oversight Committee, the Faculty Senate and the DELT feeds into the IRCC. Members were asked to send a representative whenever they cannot attend a regular meeting.

Year in Review/Major Projects:

Committee members were emailed a link to the ITCS Year in Review prior to today’s meeting. ITCS upgraded all major learning platforms including Blackboard, Saba Meeting for Web conferencing, Mediasite for lecture capturing and Turning Point for in-class student response. ITCS also expanded the wireless network in academic buildings and in more than half of the residence halls.

The group was given a Major Projects timeline outlining each project name and providing an approximate date the project would be complete. There were 108 major projects in ITCS last year alone.

Blackboard Upgrade:

The next BlackBoard upgrade will include platforms for E-Portfolio and Outcomes. A working group is currently being formed to evaluate each platform. Pilot members will be recruited beginning fall 2013. Blackboard will be on site during this time for face-to-face training. The upgrade is scheduled to go live in Spring 2014.

Classroom Standards/Plan for Year:

There was a brief review of the current smart classroom standards. Approximately 40 rooms are scheduled for new technology or a refresh in the next year based on college requests, age and average usage. As classrooms are refreshed, new classroom technology standards will be added. A few of the new features will include:

  • Desktop computer with DVD drive, for ease of use and reliability
  • VGA and DVI Laptop connections
  • Document camera
  • Touch-screen control panel to simplify operation
  • Annotation device for writing on presentation material with digital ink and the ability to save annotations

Online Assessment FAQ:

The Online Instructional Assessment Tools is a document outlining the guidelines for cloud computing in regard to FERPA Data. The four main areas to consider are:

  • The Office of the Registrar must know and approve the location of student records. If a request to host FERPA data is made for a tool not approved by the university, then a formal request must be submitted using the form found at
  • Standard “terms and conditions” are considered contracts even when the tools are free.
  • Software should be reviewed for accessibility by Disability Support Services
  • An IT Security Review is required for any non-ECU supported instructional tools that will store ECU data.

Education and Technology Fee

The Education and Technology fee has not increased. It is currently $342.00 flat rate per year.

  • Supports 10-12 staff members
  • 700,000 for student workers
  • 400,000 for unlimited printing
  • 300,000 for supplies (lab supplies, software costs, etc.)

Collaborate Pilot:

The recommendation to the IRCC is to conclude the Blackboard Collaborate Pilot. This decision was based on:

  • Collaborate Pilot results (44% of users did not use Collaborate after the first week)
  • Saba Meeting update. (Centra changed their name to Saba Meeting and added a feature that would allow both faculty and students to schedule their own meetings)
  • A feature in the Collaborate gradebook feature failed to work

Other Business:


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