IRCC Minutes – April 2013

Tom Allen, George Bailey, Charles Baldwin, Al Boswell, Dana Brooks, Wendy Creasey, Ed DeHart, Ray Drake, Karl Faser, Amy Frank, Cheryl Godwin, Chris Hodges, Jason Jones, Zach Loch, Phil Lunsford, Diana Lys, Jack McCoy, Donna McDonald, Richard Ramirez, Clayton Sessoms, Brad Simons, Scotty Stroup, Joel Sweatte, Margaret Umphrey

Oxygen Interface to PirateDrive (Al Boswell)
An Oxygen space is any top-level folder in your own Oxygen Drive; very similar to your PirateDrive. An oxygen space can be both private and/or collaborative, depending on the user’s needs. An Oxygen folder allows the owner to:

• Add/remove members
• Edit space details
• Add additional users
• Send a secure web link
• Create folders to organize the space

Software Development Systems Update (Zach Loch)
Current projects include:

o Will eventually replace OneStop
o Prospective students can access admissions checklist and sign up for events
o Tools will continue to be migrated until Fall 2014

o New recruiting and admissions tool
o Prospective portal and admissions application
o Email tracking via heat density maps
o Notification of local events based on geo regions
o Expected to go live August 20

o Computer based placement testing
o Go-live anticipated during summer orientation

Studio Abroad
o Web-based software to manage study abroad applications
o Can be used by administrators and applicants

o Payroll deduction for use at campus dining

Changes in Network Access (Cheryl Godwin)
The implementation date for Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) has been scheduled for June 2013. The installation of the new network access controls will help eliminate the risk of malicious software being introduced into the administrative network. See proposed timeline below:

February – April 2013 (Phase 1)
o Build basic hardware configuration
o Develop basic ISE policies
o Establish configuration for authentication & posture assessment

May – June 2013
o Deployment and testing in unoccupied dorms/student staff housing
o Wireless access (Pirates and Buccaneer)

Data Accessibility (Scotty Stroup)
The purpose of the Data Integration Initiative is to integrate multiple disparate university data sources into a central Operational Data Store (ODS) for operational reporting. Data in the ODS is transformed for easier reporting and integration between Banner and other university data.

Data already integrated includes:
• All Banner modules
• UNC General Administration data files
• PeopleAdmin
• Sedona
• Blackboard (partial)

Data Integration in Development
• RAMSes
• OneCard

Information Policy Security Update (Margaret Umphrey)
Current university policies do not properly define responsibilities for managing Information Security campus wide or adequately cover individual responsibilities for protecting university information. A revised Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is needed. A request has been submitted to the IRCC to help develop an initial draft.

Office 365 for Students (Ray Drake)
In June 2013, both student and alumni email accounts will transition from the current Windows Live service to Office 365. The Outlook interface will be primarily the same as Windows Live, but Messenger will be replaced with the Lync Online client. During the upgrade, users can continue to use all features of their account; emails, contacts and calendar events will transfer to the Office 365 account.

File Sharing Update (Wendy Creasey)
File sharing is the illegal downloading and subsequent distribution of music, movies and/or other copyrighted material. Aaron Lucier, Director, Housing Operations, is the university representative with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Those suspected of file sharing may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties ranging from $750.00 to $200,000. University employees who violate file sharing protocol will be subject to disciplinary action that could include dismissal. Student violations may include revocation of network access privileges in addition to other sanctions in accordance with regular disciplinary procedures.

ECU Code of Conduct
ECU Computing Use Policies>Copyright Policies at ECU

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