April 2014 Minutes


Phillip Allen, Chuck Baldwin, Evan Bartley, Dana Brooks, Wendy Creasey, Jo Lynne Daughtry,  Michael Dixon, Ray Drake, Chris Hodges, Richard Ramirez, Liz Johnston, Jason Jones, Donna Lentzsch, Elmer Poe, Ginny Sconiers, Brad Simons, Don Sweet, Michael Thompson, Leonard Trujillo, Karl Wuensch, Christine Wilson, Ken Wilson

ADA Update & Discussion (Wendy Creasey)

Wendy led a discussion about ADA compliance changes in IT area this fiscal year.

Lawsuits seen at other places

  • learning platforms
  • websites
  • job applications


  • add language to bid documents that purchases must be ADA compliant

Learning platforms

  • cornerstone training
    • adding ADA module
    • adding ADA info to each DE module
  • website for ADA info on each app we support
  • add ADA info to each Learning Digest
  • ADA integrated into all training
  • captions for all learning platform training
  • DSS/Liz will send email each semester to faculty


  • web regulation – all department, faculty and staff websites must be ADA compliant
  • web audit of ECU homepage – recommendations
    • add accessibility link on all pages
    • add hidden link for accessibility in the ECU header
    • add skip navigation for screen reader
  • web redesign – received funding to help departments who don’t have internal resources

Accessibility portal

  • creating an accessibility portal
  • combining websites for DSS and accessibility into one site
  • include ECU statement of non-discrimination
  • easy-to-complete forms to request assistance
  • instructions for faculty accommodating students with disabilities
  • DSS reports that some students choose ECU because of the willingness of DSS
  • go live before summer session

ADA Update & Discussion (Liz Johnston & Michael Thompson)

    • Initiative for IT
    • ADA Rehab act 1973 cover physical accommodations needed
      • in 1990 cover internet
    • Impact on ECU
      • title 1 employment
      • title 2 government, state agency, university – programs and services must be accessibility
      • title 3 private entities must be accessible
    • New lawsuits bringing attention to ADA requirements in IT, but requirement has always been there
    • With the initiative this year on ADA compliance, we are being proactive
    • Normal process for student complaint
    • Letter of law – can’t purchase unless complaint, all video must be closed caption
    • We must engage in interactive process and accommodate
    • IT is next frontier
      • captioning – contact Michael Thompson
      • images – use meaningful tagging or empty quotes
      • enterprise wide systems should be ADA compliant

Clicker Survey Results (Ginny Sconiers)

Turning technologies is a supported solution with Blackboard.

  • Fall 2013
    • 4000 clickers sold
    • 99 faculty
  • Spring feedback
    • not easy to use
    • reliability
  • Spring survey
    • 45% > 100 students
    • ppt polling = 65%
    • self-paced polling = 12%
    • ease of use = 53%
    • reliable = 73%
    • interested in using mobile devices = 49% yes; 51% no
    • adequate support = 68%

Conclusion – no major areas of concern; meeting needs of majority.

Recommendation – continue w/ turning technologies; no further comparison study needed.

Decision of committee – continue using turning technologies.

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