IRCC Minutes – March 2014


Phillip Allen, Ray Drake, Wendy Creasey, Michael Dixon, Karl Faser, Amy Frank, Martin Jackson, Jack McCoy, Donna McDonald, Elmer Poe, Richard Ramirez, Jeff Shinpaugh, Brad Simmons, Joel Sweatte, Leonard Trujillo, Margaret Umphrey, Christine Wilson

Adobe audit (W. Creasey/R. Drake)

Adobe auditing universities in higher education

Adobe is asking for:

  • The number of machines on campus
  • An active directory list
  • Scripts run on all computers — software inventory since 1989
  • All re-seller info
  • Reconcile records in aggregate

Per the CLP, Adobe has the right to come on campus, pick a computer and ask for records.

  • R. Drake said they will use KBox client for PCs and Macs, although some macs may not work and will have to run script manually
  • The script will run at login to get Adobe information and will then send it back to a database
  • Script will run for 30-45 days to capture server information and check numbers to see where we are
  • W. Creasey showed valid proof of purchase vs. invalid according to Adobe. From Adobe’s standpoint they are going to help us via the audit

Demo SANS Securing the Human Awareness Training Modules (M. Umphrey)

Login to Cornerstone >> click ITCS to see Securing the Human training modules. These are not a PPT session, but actual training sessions.

  • ISO27000 requires training
  • 40+ total modules
  • Basic training pack of 9 modules in Cornerstone will be required
  • M. Umphrey asked the group to take a look at them and provide feedback
  • An ECU frontend will be created for the modules to explain our security policies (W. Creasey)

  • Site has IT and Business training
  • A notice should go out this week
  • Automatically open to all students
  • ITCS staff will be included

*If other staff would like to pilot, please contact W. Creasey

Windows XP question (R. Drake)

  • Still have some XP on the network
  • A lot of people dial in VPN using their own XP computer
  • Support ends in a few weeks but still have a lot of XP computers on campus
  • Trying to replace them
  • Ray’s group does not have a plan to limit VPN access via XP right now, he prefers them not to be on the network to limit risks

Blackboard Portfolio and Outcomes (W. Creasey)

  • Group of colleges are interested in these products
  • Outcomes allow you to link rubrics to assignments
  • Portfolio allows you to link items and archive
  • Need to work with Ray’s group on a timeline
  • Still continue supporting iPortfolio

Windows 8 (R. Drake)

  • Problem is Banner INB – a lot of users
  • Taking the problem to Banner change meeting, need to upgrade
  • Greg’s group will be ready to support it in the fall (v.8.1)

Sharepoint 2013 (R. Drake)

  • Release in fall (by December)

Videoconferencing (W. Creasey)

ITCS has just purchased the Cisco Video Call Manager equipment. We hope to have it installed by July and will neighbor with the Dental School.

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