September 2014 Minutes

Review Charge and Membership (Wendy Creasey)

Wendy called the meeting to order. She reviewed the charter, campus wide IT committee that makes recommendations to CIO, read the charter. Robin will send out the membership list and charter to the group. Faculty Senate people will need to let her know when items need to be sent to the full Faculty Senate.  Went around the room and did introductions.

YIR Highlights (Wendy Creasey)

Robin sent out the link for the Year in Review. Please take the time to read through it in the October meeting we will discuss projects. In the back is a section called Year Ahead please review this, we will review next time.

 Wireless Updates (Brent Zimmer)

This weekend, ITCS switched over the network equipment, first phase of network refresh. Cheryl will discuss back to school wireless issues. Last year 7 instances of problems with equipment, updated controllers. Load issue still an issue and was not completely resolved on Sunday.

EDUROAM (Brent Zimmer)

Will be implemented within the next month. Other campus constituents will be able to come to ECU and connect quickly and so will ECU constituents at other campuses. EDUROAM is a secure way to connect to Internet. ECU, UNC, State, UNC-G in NC. Improves security and works on laptops, phones, tablets, etc.. uses certificate authority. Encrypted tunnel back to ECU-prevents man in the middle attacks, uses ECU credentials, once rolled out, same coverage as wireless network.

 Education & Technology Fee Update (Wendy Creasey)

The fee is 14th in the state.  The fee has increased over 10 years, and we are no longer 16th lowest in the state.  Tentatively, requesting $20 increase this year. Creasey met with student group last night to discuss. The fee covers classroom techs, students, software, printing, infrastructure projects, peer-to-peer file sharing equipment, college requests, simulation manikins, classroom tech, and lots of other college technology.

Mentioned, the global classroom is moving to Brewster.

During meeting with students, printing quotas were discussed. The plan on how to add money to accounts for printing was discussed.  Students indicated they wanted money distributed several times a year, so all cannot be used at the start of the semester. Cost will be approximately 2¢ for black and white copies and 10¢ for color copies and will use Papercut software.

Students also passed a resolution—they do not want to be limited on the technology they are allowed to bring to class. G. Bailey will meet (Foundations Committee) with students to discuss further. Discussion on the topic by group.

Students provided input that they do not want to add a 4-digit pin to their devices to access email.  Students requested information on how the ECU network compares to other universities.

The IRCC was in support of a fee increase.

WordPress Changes (Jo Lynne Daughtry)

7000 blogs currently and 50% are abandoned, meaning initial or first posts only without more activity.  The abandoned blogs are taking up resources and can be a victim of spambots.

In the future, the user must complete a service request for a new blog. The login will be limited to official faculty, staff, and students.  A new plug-in will allow owners to approve any comments to a blog.

On another note, in an instance when a website has large amounts of data over 2 years old, the owner will be contacted to see if they still need it.

Classroom Refresh (Tony Cooke)

ITCS supports over 500 (451) spaces with technology on campus, 110 spaces are mostly digital

  • Standard Room—desktop, laptop connection, air media, document camera, projectors and screens, control panel, cameras for lecture capture, and occupancy sensor.
  • High Tech Option (requires special approval)
  • Class Capture Hardware (MediaSite)
  • Videoconferencing (Cisco C or SX series codecs)

Proposal for FY 2014-15, college requests 34 rooms, rooms by age and usage 37 rooms (31 in HSB), list was approved by Distributed IT group.

Need to know of rooms that are not being used because of technology limitations

College of Education asked about Apple TV.

 File Sharing (Wendy Creasey)

Additional file blocking technology is being proposed.  This would require a special request to unblock ports where file sharing technology was being used legitimately.

 General Updates (Wendy Creasey)

Adobe Audit—Drake, Creasey and Carraway working with Adobe.  Adobe reported back the analysis of ECU data.   We will be requesting proof of purchase from departments.   The process will be managed by Materials Management.

General Updates (Ray Drake)

  • Sharepoint will be upgraded during the Christmas break
  • Windows 8.1 support is being offered to users not using INB, in the future Java updates will be managed centrally.
  • Flash drives, buy only the hardware encrypted flash drives.
  • Fixed Term Faculty account termination is now 8 months after the contract date.
  • Looking at alumni accounts for students to create email consistency, more details in October

General Updates (Wendy Creasey)

  • Global classroom moving at the end of academic year.  There are more video conferencing rooms available.
  • Web regulation will be placed into interim status.  All sites must be ADA compliant.
  • Updated online assessment FAQ for hosted solutions.
  • Plugins used by publishers and publisher contracts are being evaluated.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30.

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