The Reports tabs lets you retrieve the information of your files, measures, templates, feedback reports, and just about any information you may need dealing with your iWebfolio account.

1. After logging in through OneStop, Click the Reports tab.


2. After deciding whether you want information you want to view; select the corresponding link.


The next page varies with each link.

The Feedback links will require you to select a portfolio, the reviewers you would like the feedback from, and the start and end date of the data you are requesting.

The Measures and Templates links just require you to specify some query information i.e. how do you want sort the information, which folder do you want the information to come from, etc.

The Owner Data Report link will require you to specify a template and a folder and then select the items, measures, reviewers, owners, and the start and end date of data you are requesting.

The Rubric Summary link just requires you to choose a measure, a template, and a start and end date of the data you are requesting.

The Template Summary link is similar to the Rubric Summary. Instead of a measure, this link requires a folder. You also have to select the Owners you want the summary to pertain to.