What is a measure?
– Measures allow you, as a reviewer to provide feedback to the owner of a portfolio. It can include specific rubrics, simple rating scales, or checklists created by portfolio reviewers. Many different measures can be created and linked to different templates. You can decide whether or not you want the owner to be able to view their measure or when they are allowed to view it. Measures are great for providing guidance to a person working on their portfolio.

How to create a numeric measure…
– Numeric measures use a point score for elements within the measure. It must fall within the minimum and maximum. Reports can also be generate to show the score received from a group of portfolio owners.

  1. Click on the “Measures” tab at the top of your home screen
  2. Next click on “Create New Numeric.”
  3. Enter the information that you wish
  4. Make sure you save

Drop-Down Measure…
– A drop-down measure is rather a description of how you are grading rather than a number and allows a number value to be assigned to each descriptor. Reports can also be created for these to show scores of all the portfolio owners.

  1. Click on the “Measures” tab on your home screen
  2. Next click on “Create New Drop Down”
  3. Enter the information that you wish
  4. Make sure you save

Creating a Rubric…
– Rubrics are used to judge performance and indicate qualities of different levels of performance. They give a portfolio owner the guidance they need for their portfolio. Rubrics also allow clarity for the reviewer. They may use a point score and a descriptor for each element and each level of performance.

  1. Click the “Measures” tab on your home screen
  2. Next click on “Create New Rubric.”
  3. Enter the information that you wish
    **The first row and column have default information. Click on “edit” by each to change the row and column. You can also add additional rows or columns by clicking on “add row” or “add column.”**
  4. Make sure you save
Making Measures available for your template…
- How do I make my measure available to be used in templates? Measures linked to templates permit reviewers to use the measure in assessing portfolios built from the template. Measures may be linked to the portfolio as a whole or to specific categories within the portfolio. Before a measure can be used in a template, it must first be published. To publish a measure, follow the instructions below.

  1. In the top navigation bar click ‘Measures’
  2. Click ‘edit’ next the measure you wish to publish
  3. Click the ‘publish’ tab
  4. Click on the folder you where you wish to publish the measure.
    • If you do not see an appropriate folder, contact the iWebfolio administrator at your institution.
  5. Click the ‘publish’ button.

**Note: To associate a measure to your template, Click the Editing Options link found on the
Templates page. Follow those instructions and you should see a link that says Edit Measure under the options tag in the picture at the bottom of the document. That link will open a window for you to apply a measure to specific items in your template or the entire thing.**
REMEMBER: You must publish the measure BEFORE you can associate it to your template and you must be inside your template in order to associate the measure to any part of it.