Websites can be uploaded to one of your iWebfolio templates. These are not considered to be websites on the Internet that you are linking to (hyperlinks), but to websites that you have created and would like for iWebfolio to “host” (make public).

How to Upload Websites from the Main Dashboard :

1. After logging onto iWebfolio via OneStop, Click the Websites tab in the top left of your screen.


2. Click the Upload New Website link.


3. Fill out the details of your Website, Browse for your source file (the website folder), and Click Save. **Note** Your website has to be within a .zip folder (compressed zipped folder) in order for you to be able to upload it. Also, if a box pops up after clicking Browse that states that the file you specified is not a .zip file, just Click Ok and your file system should pop up.
Website Info Box


4. Given that your input for the source file was acceptable, you will then choose one of the pages on your website, the pages within the .zip folder, to become the home page and then Click Save .
Homepage Selector Box


How to Upload Websites from the Edit Mode Screen within a Portfolio :

1. After logging onto iWebfolio via OneStop and opening a template, Click the Edit Mode icon.
Edit Mode Tab


2. In the right-hand panel that appeared, Click Websites, then Click the green “+” sign next to the search box, and then Click Add Website .


**Steps 3 and 4 are the exact same as steps 3 and 4 in the above tutorial.**