Policies and Procedures

iWebfolio is an advanced e-portfolio management system adopted at ECU. Students will be directed by their faculty member when to use it for e-portfolios. Each college has certain requirements and templates which are customized to the department.

iWebfolio will be available to all current ECU students. Upon leaving ECU, the vendor will not maintain your information 120 days past the annual renewal date of May 15.

You have rights to export and download your portfolio for your future use until that time. If you wish to keep an iWebfolio account, the Nuventive will charge a fee to maintain that account at http://www.iwebfolio.com.

•Please do not upload or post copyrighted, sensitive, or HIPAA protected information anywhere in your e-portfolio. This is against university policy. The below links provide information to those policies:

•You can access iWebfolio through OneStop until your departure from ECU, up to 120 days. If you encounter any problems, please submit a help desk ticket here: https://ithelp.ecu.edu/Default.asp

•Remember to change your iWebfolio password every 90 days for privacy and security reasons. Create a strong password based on ECU’s guidelines: http://www.ecu.edu/itcs/services/index.cfm?searchType=service&servId=206.