Files are items that come from outside sources that you have uploaded onto your iWebfolio account. Any type of digital file can be uploaded to be used in your portfolio. File examples include: photo formats such as jpeg, tiff, pict, etc.; word documents, pdf files, sound files, and video clips.

Here is a video tutorial that will help you familiarize yourself with using files in your portfolios:

Adding files to Your Portfolio

The above video tutorial shows you how to add files that are less than 250 megabytes in size. The video tutorial below shows you the only way to add files that exceed 250 megabytes in size.

Uploading Large Files


Here is a list of more tasks related to files that were not covered in the tutorial:

  • In order to rename a file, it must be done outside of iWebfolio and reloaded.

  • To see a list of your files, click on the Reports tab and then click PDF or HTML.

  • Moving files from folder to folder: Click Files, Click Move Files, then select the folder that has the files you wish to move from the “Source Folder” drop-down menu (multiple files can be selected using Ctrl), then select the folder you wish it to move to in the “Destination Folder” drop-down menu, lastly Click Move. You should now see the files under the Destination Folder.

  • To delete files: Click Files, click the file you wish to delete
    **Deleting a file will also delete it from any portfolio you have it attached to.**