Items are the building blocks of your portfolio. You create and use them in order to for putting information within your portfolio.

Here is a link to a video tutorial explaining Items:

Working With Items


Three main things not mentioned in the tutorial are: how to delete an item and how to delete a folder, and how to move items between folders.

How to Delete an Item/Folder:

Deleting an Item:

1. After logging in via OneStop, Click the Items tab.


2. If you have one, an item folder will be displayed containing all of its items. Choose the folder where the item you want to delete is located, locate the item and then Click Delete.


Deleting an Folder:

Deleting a folder is similar to deleting a file.

After navigating to the folder you want to delete, instead of selecting delete from within the folder, Click Delete Folder.**Note** You cannot delete a folder until you delete all the items inside of the folder. Also, you cannot delete a folder is there isn’t an existing folder after the deletion.


How to Move Items Between Folders:

Moving an item from one folder to another folder is simple task.

1. After navigating to the Items tab, Click Move Items.


2. Select which folder the item is in (Source Folder) and which folder you want to move the item to (Destination Folder).


3. Find the item that you want to move in the Source Folder, select it, and then Click the Move>> button in between the two white boxes.