You need to give the instructors, or the professionals in general, permissions in order for them to see your portfolio. This enables them to provide feedback on it and to be able to grade it, if that is a requirement for their course.

Here is a video tutorial explaining how you would give permissions to an instructor to view your portfolio.

Giving Permissions

Here is some additional information about permissions.

Granting permissions to Affiliated Reviewers:

Custom Reviewers are people who are not already involved with the institution that you want to share your portfolio with. You select who can review each of your portfolios through your iWebfolio account. This includes family members, friends, potential employers, etc. All you need is the person’s email address.

Adding Custom Reviewers: Click on the “Portfolios” tab, click “Edit”, click “PERMISSIONS”, then select “Custom Reviewers” from the dropdown menu, click “Add Custom Reviewer”, enter the reviewer’s First and Last name and Email Address a long with a subject for the email, check all the permissions that you wish them to have, and click save.

Granting the Custom Reviewer Permission: Click “Portfolios”, “Edit”, “Permissions”, then select “Custom Reviewers” from the dropdown menu, click “Give Permission”, then click “Ok.”
**You can set the access to have an expiration date or limit the number of accesses. When you send the email, it will provide a link to your portfolio.**