BSCJ & MSCJ Curricular Reforms

Over the last seven years, Dr. Kerbs has supported many curricular reforms related to both the BSJC and MSCJ programs.  The main reforms are listed below:

  • Assisted with the development of proposals for undergraduate and graduate curricular changes (and assessment protocols) that brought the BSCJ and MSCJ Programs into closer compliance with standards created by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS)
  • Developed a platform of curricular and programmatic changes for both in-residence and distance-education MSCJ Programs
  • Assisted with the development of the Graduate Curriculum Committee proposal for JUST 6001 – – Seminar in Research Methods and Statistical Interpretation (the course was approved by the GCC as a core part of the MSCJ curriculum in spring of 2006) 
  • Redesigned and Implemented JUST 6000 (Principles of Criminal Justice) in the fall of 2011
  • Developed and implemented JUST 6001 (Seminar in Research Methods and Statistical Interpretation) in fall of 2008
  • Redesigned and implemented JUST 6601 (Victimology) in the spring of 2010
  • Redesigned and implemented JUST 6700 (Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice) in the spring of 2008
  • Wrote the initial proposals (in spring of 2011) for the Graduate Curriculum Committee – – proposals detailed all programmatic and curricular reforms to include course catalogue changes (all proposed changes were accepted and implemented in 2011)