MSCJ Program Director

During the 2010-2011 academic year, Dr. Kerbs served as the Graduate Program Director for both the in-residence and distance education MSCJ Programs.  His responsibilities included the following:

  • Advised all students in both curricular- and career-related matters
  • Overhauled all files to bring them in compliance with the Graduate School’s policies and procedures
  • Developed a platform of curricular and programmatic changes for both MSCJ Programs
  • Wrote the initial proposals for the Graduate Curriculum Committee – – proposals detailed all programmatic and curricular reforms to include course catalogue changes (all proposed changes were accepted)
  • Acted as a liason to ECU’s Security Studies Certificate Program and developed suggested options for strengthening inter-departmental relations
  • Completed all Graduate Student Graduation Summaries and Course Substitution Forms
  • Coordinated with the Registrar to strengthen inter-departmental relations between the Department of Criminal Justice and the Registrar’s Office
  • Solely responsible for drafting all letters of admission, readmission, and rejection into both in-residence and distance-education MSCJ Programs
  • Developed tracking system for all applicants and corresponded with all prospective students regarding student inquiries
  • Developed web-based materials to describe the MSCJ programs ( and the application process (
  • Facilitated recruitment workshops for students who were interested in applying to the MSCJ programs
  • Registered all students for graduate courses and developed semester-by-semester lists for elective course options
  • Developed student petitions for the Graduate School Advisory Board (GSAB) to extend time-based limits on the use of course credits
  • Served on the Graduate Assembly to advise on matters regarding the development of the Graduate School’s policies and procedures