JUST3900 Syllabus

Please click on the following link for a current copy of the syllabus for JUST3900: JUST 3900 001-002 FINAL SYLLABUS FALL 2013 UCC APPROVED Revised 8-18-2013

Please note that is this syllabus contains a learning agreement on page 16 that must be signed to participate in this class.  By signing this agreement, the student is indicating that s/he understands the syllabus and that s/he has received and read the syllabus to include explanations for all course deliverables (e.g., tests), policies (e.g., attendance policies), homework requirements, peer-tutoring services, and campus safety issues.  Should a student have any questions or concerns about the course syllabus, please feel free to email (kerbsj@ecu.edu) or call (252-328-5546) Dr. Kerbs.