Peer Tutors – – Photos and Information

This portion of the webpage is devoted to the presentation of photographs and biographical information on the peer tutors for each term to date. The first cohort of tutors began in the spring of 2013 with a total of four peer tutors. The second cohort grew to 15 peer tutors in the fall of 2013. Thereafter, most cohorts were run with 10-20 peer tutors each semester.

It is of note that all PTC tutors are highly accomplished students who are typically in the top 10% of all students who take JUST3900. They all display a high level of professionalism and (most importantly) they have great interpersonal and statistical skills, which bodes well for their ability to help you with lecture material, textbook questions, in-class assignments, homework, and test reviews. Beyond their statistical skills, they also have diverse career interests that include everything from law enforcement and court-based careers to correctional careers in prisons and probation/parole.

Feel free to learn more about these talented students by reviewing the drop down tabs that are arranged by year and term.