• Safety and Victimization Study of Older Prisoners: Principle Investigator (9/96-5/2001) for a multi-year study on prison safety (funded by the National Institute of Aging Training Grant #T32-AG0017).  Designed, developed, and implemented a mixed-method study of the safety and victimization of older prisoners (ages 50 and above) in a state-level department of corrections.  Designed data collection survey instruments, collected data, entered and analyzed data, and wrote reports and articles.
  • Study of Student-on-Student Victimization: Research Consultant (5/2002-5/2003) and Co-Principal Investigator (5/2003-9/2004) on a multi-year grant [Award #97-MU-FX-KO12(S-1)] funded for a total of ~618,000 dollars by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. As a Research Consultant and Co-PI, I developed a multi-component survey protocol for assessing student safety and victimization dynamics. I also worked with a multi-disciplinary team to design, write, implement, and evaluate a school violence prevention curriculum for 7th – grade students.
  • Study of Arts in Education for Student Safety: Co-Principal Investigator (10/2003-9/2004) on a three-year grant [Award #U351D030179] funded for a total of ~775,000 dollars by the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE).  As Co-PI, I conceptualized, wrote, and implemented the evaluation strategy for this longitudinal study that examined the effects of enhanced language-arts education in rural middle schools with children who are at risk of educational failure (part of this grant was focused on the prevention of student-on-student victimization).  My primary role was to develop and implement the data collection protocols as conceptualized within the grant and as implemented in the Jefferson County School System in northern Florida during the first year of the grant.  As required by the USDOE, independent evaluators were contracted for all yearly analyses of data and for the final summative reports.