Upcoming Medical History Interest Group Lecture on Monday October 23

The Medical History Interest Group invites you to attend “The History of Diving Medicine” presented by clinical professor, Peter B. Wagner, D.O.

For thousands of years man has attempted to explore the underwater world, at first for food, later for salvage and military purposes. All done with breath-holding. In the 19th century the introduction of hyperbaric environments and equipment to breathe compressed gas created a new challenge to human physiology. We will explore the events and scientists surrounding the investigation of these physiologic effects of hyperbarics and the development of Dive Medicine into the 21st century.

Dr. Wagner is a cardiologist and clinical professor at the East Carolina Heart Institute, Brody School of Medicine. He has been a member of the Vidant Medical staff for 22 years. He began his diving career in 1977 and holds advanced certifications as a technical diver, an Instructor rating with SSI, and Instructor Trainer certification with the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). He has taken training in dive medicine sponsored by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. With a background in EMS he is strong advocate for diving safety.

All are welcome. Refreshments will be provided.

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