In case you missed it, watch the video

Did you happen to miss the last Medical History Interest Group lecture, Clara Louise Maass:  Servant Nurse Leader Undaunted, presented by Professor and Director, MSN Nursing Education, Carol E. Winters, PhD, RN, CNE?

If so, no worries. Laupus Library invites you to watch the video by visiting

There you will experience the entire presentation about Clara Louise Maass (1876 – 1901) who was passionate about nursing American soldiers during the Spanish-American War of 1898, especially those suffering from yellow fever. Even in her early twenties, Clara Maass was unaccepting of the current thought regarding the etiology of this mysterious, dreaded disease. She challenged the process by betting her life upon the theory that immunity to yellow fever could be produced by inoculation under controlled circumstances.

Dr. Winters has been a nurse for 43 years; taught nursing in a university or college setting since 1978; was the dean of the School of Nursing at Hawaii Pacific University for 16 years and has also taught, traveled and learned in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Japan, Norway, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, England, France, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Austria and Nepal as well as in cyberspace. Besides nursing education, she is passionate about researching nursing leaders throughout history.

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