January 2016

Faculty and Staff: We invite you to take a few minutes to learn about ECU Learning Technologies and the resources available to you.  The Getting Started page is a great place to start if you are new to ECU. If you need technology assistance throughout the semester, please contact the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866 (toll free 800.340.7081) or ithelp.ecu.edu.


New Browsers and Operating Systems

Blackboard: The Microsoft Edge browser is not supported. Firefox is the recommended browser for Blackboard.

SabaMeeting: Support for the Microsoft Edge browser and Mac OS X El Capitan operating system are scheduled for Summer 2016. Students using El Capitan may not be able to access playback recordings.


TurningPoint Cloud Upgrade

Over the winter break, we upgraded the Turning Technologies audience response system to TurningPoint Cloud. The TurningPoint software will function just as it did before and students will still register their clicker in Blackboard. The difference between Turning Point 5 (prior version) and TurningPoint Cloud is that faculty and students now need a Turning account. Students who registered their clicker in Blackboard within the last two and a half years will receive a free license to continue using their existing clicker. A separate e-mail has already been sent to qualifying students, providing instructions on how to create their Turning Account.

Classroom Technology managed computers and the Turning Technologies Blackboard Building Block were also upgraded to TurningPoint Cloud for the spring semester.

For more information on the TurningPoint Cloud update, please visit: www.ecu.edu/itcs/clickers/tp-cloud.cfm.  If you have any questions about the update, please send an email to the Clickers Support Team at clickers@ecu.edu.


Blackboard: Spring Semester 2016 FAQ

The Top 4 Most Commonly Asked Questions from Instructors

  1. How do I make my course available to students? Control Panel > Customization > Properties > Set Availability > Yes
  1. How do I log into Blackboard? I get a message that my username or password is incorrect. Please submit a help ticket asking for assistance, and include your Banner number and your username.
  2. How do I copy my course from one semester to the next? Go here.
  3. How do I merge (or collapse) two or more course sections? Go here.

For technology-related questions, please submit a help ticket or call the Help Desk @ 252-328-9866.

To search for Blackboard training sessions, please log into ECU’s Cornerstone Portal for training. If you do not see what you need, please contact one of us for a desk-side or small group departmental training session.

Blackboard Support Team: ecublackboard, Matt Long, Cindy Bowers, Adam Brewer


Creating Accessible Course Documents

ECU supports learning platforms such as Blackboard, SabaMeeting and Lynda.com, which feature built-in accessibility.  Using these platforms, students access course syllabi, lecture content, assignments, quizzes, exams and a variety of other instructional materials. Faculty and staff are encouraged to develop materials that are well-designed and feature accessibility.  Good instructional design always includes accessible content. Visit Creating Accessible Course Documents to learn how to make your course content accessible: http://www.ecu.edu/itcs/itaccessibility/accessibleContent.cfm.


Lynda.com: Faculty, Staff, and Students have Access to 4,299 Video Courses

New to Lynda.com? Get started with this course: Learning with Lynda.com.

Faculty: Add Lynda.com video courses to any content area of your Blackboard class. If your students need to learn how to use software such as PhotoShop, Microsoft Office, GIS, and AutoCAD, be sure to check out the Lynda.com library: ECU lynda.com.

Staff: Check out the Lynda.com library for your training needs, including Microsoft Office, Adobe software, and much more. Visit ECU lynda.com to get started.

Have Questions?  Please Contact the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866 | 800.340.7081 or Submit a Service Request.


The Online Instructional Tools Guide

ITCS supports a suite of learning platforms to meet your course management, communication, and collaboration needs. ECU hosted tools are all reviewed for FERPA, state contractual rules, ADA accessibility, and security compliance requirements. We recommend that you work with the university to review products, pursue contracts, and confirm that tools are ADA compliant. If you have determined that there is not an ECU hosted solution to meet your course needs, please visit the Online Instructional Tools Guide.  The Online Instructional Tools Guide contains the requirements for two scenarios: (1) when you ask students to upload course content into a non ECU hosted system, and (2) when you place student data in the cloud.