September 2016

In this Issue:

·         Faculty Focus: T.D. Gribble, College of Business
·         Classroom Selection: Choose the Classroom Technology that fits your Instructional Style
·         IT Accessibility: A Checklist for Creating Accessible Documents
·         OneDrive for Business: Walk-In Sessions

Faculty Focus

T.D. Gribble, College of Business
Course: Professional Development and Ethical Leadership

The Almighty Discussion: The Power of the Discussion Board

One thing that remains constant for me is the power of the Blackboard Discussion board. For big projects, I love the Blackboard Wiki tool; however, for the week-to-week material, the discussions are the meat and potatoes of my course interaction. What becomes interesting for my course is the disparate experience levels present in my 3000-level online business class. I have found that my topics need to be more open to promote discussion from both ends of the experience spectrum. I ask for the students to discuss an event they have witnessed or been part of, or in the same topic allow them to bring an article about the topic to the discussion.

I have found in a Saba session my less experienced students tend to be less assertive and interactive, but in the Blackboard Discussion Board they are willing to engage more. I have also found as the semester advances that my more experienced students tend to mentor the younger students. In a professional development course, this can be very powerful. By using a topic-driven discussion forum that is both experiential and theoretic in nature, everyone can engage from a position of knowledge.

Classroom Selection for Spring 2017: Choose the classroom technology that fits your instructional style

Two important questions to consider when selecting your classrooms:

  • Do you need to record your class lectures?
  • Do you need to web or videoconference during class?

As you consider your classroom technology needs, below are descriptions of some of the equipment you will find in classrooms. Visit the Classroom Technology Database to see the complete list of equipment offerings per room.

  • Present – Wireless BYOD
    Instructor and/or students can present from their personal device wirelessly using AirMedia
  • Lecture Capture capable e.g. MDR
    Lectures can be recorded with Mediasite Desktop Recorder, a software solution
  • Lecture Capture with Mediasite
    Lectures can be recorded with integrated hardware via Mediasite
  • Video Conferencing Capable
    Room is integrated with video conferencing hardware
  • Web Conference capable e.g. Saba or Skype
    Web conferencing can be done via software solution such as Saba, WebEx, or Skype

If you need help or have questions, please call Classroom Technology 252.328.9830 or submit a Service Request at

IT Accessibility: A Checklist for Creating Accessible Documents

ECU is committed to providing accessible technology and educational resources. Computer labs, learning platforms, web pages, multimedia content and applications should be accessible to everyone including individuals with disabilities. ECU works to comply with accessibility standards, to enable all users to fully participate.  We’ve developed a simple checklist to help you get started: Accessible Content Checklist.  If you need assistance creating accessible content, submit a Service Request to schedule an IT Accessibility Consultation

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is now available to ECU employees.  Faculty and staff have access to 1 TB of storage within the Office 365 subscription.  OneDrive for Business features include:

  • Storage – 1TB for non-sensitive files – NO HIPAA, PCI, SS# or other sensitive data (see the OneDrive vs. Piratedrive page for a list of examples)
  • Availability – access files from a work, personal or mobile device
  • Document editing – edit files within OD4B using Office programs on your computer or Office Online
  • Sharing – Share files or folders with ECU and non-ECU users; either read or edit permissions
  • Collaboration – Edit a file simultaneously with others
  • Sync – You choose which files automatically upload

A Word about Storing Files:

Users can store any non-sensitive ECU data in OneDrive for Business. This includes academic work and information available for public consumption. It is also acceptable to conduct student/instructor collaboration using OneDrive for Business.

Sensitive information should be housed in a Piratedrive folder, not in OneDrive for Business or your work/personal computer. See the Piratedrive page for how-to’s.   For more information on identifying and storing sensitive data, see the sensitive data website.

Visit the OneDrive website for general info, an FAQ and a list of learning resources.

Upcoming Austin 308 Walk-In Sessions for OneDrive:

Wednesday, September 14 1:00p – 3:00p
Tuesday, September 20 1:00p – 3:00p
Thursday, September 22 1:00p – 3:00p
Monday, September 26 9:00a – 11:00a
Wednesday, September 28 9:00a – 11:00a