April 2017

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Transition from Tegrity to other Video Services

We have experienced several critical issues with Tegrity’s services and the product road map is not yet addressing needs requested by our faculty. ECU will be transitioning away from use of Tegrity by the end of the fall 2017 semester. Some faculty have also used Tegrity as the solution for students to submit recordings. Student recording will no longer be available as of August 1. Our plan is to begin exporting Tegrity content for faculty this spring and through the fall. We will provide more information on this process in the coming months. We will also offer training and support on using content in either Mediasite or VoiceThread. Faculty who need to record screen activity (mouse or cursor movements and typing) can accomplish this in Mediasite. VoiceThread can be used for basic asynchronous lecture capture and is recommended for faculty that need a solution for student recording that does not require capturing screen activity. For more information, visit the Tegrity blog.


Classroom Technology Updates

Future Changes to Annotation in the Classroom

SMART Technologies has announced that they will no longer manufacture desktop annotation monitors. For future classroom builds and refreshes, ITCS will use a Dell monitor with annotation capabilities. This monitor will work with Windows 10 annotation features, but will not work with SMART Ink tools. However, the Dell monitor will be compatible with SMART Notebook software. SMART monitors currently in classrooms will only be replaced if defective. If you have questions, please contact ITCS Classroom Technologies at 252-328-9830.

Keeping Things Digital

Are you using a VGA connection when connecting your laptop in the classroom? VGA connectors are the old, boxy, analog connectors. VGA connections will soon be phased out. Most computers made today have HD outputs, which carry both audio and video. Please take advantage of your device’s HD output. ITCS has provided an HD connection in most classrooms. A ring of adapters is also available for connecting various types of computers and mobile devices.


OneDrive for Business Sharing Options

What is the best way to share a file via OneDrive?

To share a file with specific people that may not be forwarded, we recommend sharing via the Invite People option. The email invitation option allows you to assign View or Edit access to a specific recipient via their email address. You can stop sharing at any time. You cannot prevent someone from downloading your files or distributing links to your files.

Can I share a file or folder with someone external to ECU?

Yes, you can share via the Invite People email invitation. The recipient must have a Microsoft account to access the content. Anyone can create a Microsoft Account. The person you have shared with will need to create a Microsoft account and use the username you shared the file with such as xxx@gmail.com. You can stop sharing at any time.

A Word about Sharing Files

As with any technology or method to share files, consider what information you are sharing and with whom it should be shared. If you share content using a link via OneDrive with View Access, users you have shared with can still download and save your content. Documents can also be copied and saved by taking a screenshot of the content. So, think before you share. Learn more at OneDrive Cloud Storage.


Blackboard Planned Maintenance and New Features

Downtime: May 8th 8:00 am to May 10th at 5:00 pm

Blackboard will be unavailable from May 8th at 8:00 am to May 10th at 5:00 pm for scheduled maintenance. This maintenance update will bring a few new features and keep ECU on a current supported version of Blackboard. During this downtime, Tegrity and VoiceThread users will not be able to access lecture capture services.

Features and Enhancements:

  • Drag and Drop
  • Submission Receipts
  • Reminders
  • Activity Reports
  • Rubrics Updated
  • Updated Needs Grading

Visit the Blackboard Blog Post: May 2017 Upgrade for more information.

Please contact ECU Blackboard Support if you have any questions: ecublackboard@ecu.edu.

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