August 2013

August 2013

ECU Faculty and Staff: We hope your semester is off to a great start!  We invite you to take a few minutes and catch up on the latest learning technology news.  This summer we were busy with updates, so expect a few new features and enhancements to the learning technologies available.

Blackboard Resources

Welcome back from the summer break!  We invite you to visit the Blackboard blog, which contains all of the different tutorials to make the start of your Fall 2013 a smashing success.  Good luck and please let us know if we help you with your Blackboard needs.

Contact any members of our Blackboard support team, Matt Long, Cindy Bowers, Allen Dennis, and ECU Blackboard for questions about tools and features in Blackboard, or if any issue comes up that you can’t resolve.

Classroom Technology – A few helpful tips

ECU has over 400 technology-enhanced spaces including classrooms, labs and conference rooms.  As you become familiar with the technology in the classrooms, here are a few important items to remember.

Who do I contact if I need help?
For emergency classroom assistance on east campus call Classroom Technology Support at 252-328-9830.  Be prepared to provide your name, room number, and brief description of the problem.  A technology consultant will be dispatched to your location immediately. The Classroom Technology response time goal for east campus is 10 minutes.  For assistance on the Health Sciences campus, please call MTS (Multimedia Technology Services) at 252-744-2903.  For non-emergency support, you can call the IT Help Desk at 252-328-9866 or submit an online service request at

Can I save data on the hard drives of computers in the technology-enhanced classrooms?
No. These computers are protected with Deep Freeze software, which restores the computer to a standard setting every time it is rebooted. Any data saved on the desktop or within any folders on the hard drive will be removed during this process. If you wish to save data, use your preferred method of portable storage (CD, USB storage device, etc.).  If you have additional software needs for a classroom, please submit an online service request at

You may also save data in your Piratedrive while in the classroom; this is password-protected network storage space. You must have a PirateID and Passphrase and be logged in to the INTRA domain to access Piratedrive via “My Computer.” Alternately, you can upload the data to Piratedrive by logging in to OneStop with your PirateID and Passphrase.  Visit Piratedrive Storage for more information.

Should I shut down the computer when I am finished?
No.  Please leave the computer on. These computers perform automatic maintenance functions on a nightly basis. However, if you have logged in under your PirateID and Passphrase, please remember to log off.

Where can I learn more about Classroom Technologies?
Join us for an upcoming Utilizing Classroom Technology Workshop.  This workshop is designed to help introduce you to the various technologies available to you in classrooms all across campus, as well as assist you in developing a plan for using these technologies to enhance the courses you teach in these rooms.  Not only does this include the physical equipment located in many rooms such as touch panels, digital overheads and videoconferencing, but this also includes other technologies that can be used in the classroom such as lecture capture, clickers and more.  Visit the ECU Training Calendar to reserve your seat.  We also invite you to browse our Classroom Technologies web site.

IT Security – Where are you saving important files?

The safest place to keep your important data is within one of our administrative computing systems (e.g., Blackboard or Banner). These systems are designed to be highly secure and are managed by a team of professional IT staff. However, there may be times where you need to download information from one of these systems. If so, please save the information to your ECU Piratedrive.

The Piratedrive is a virtual file folder that resides on the ECU network for electronic file storage. Every faculty, staff, and student has a “personal” folder, and departments have the option to create “departmental” folders that can be shared among multiple users.  The Piratedrive has many uses and advantages, and is the secure alternative to storing files in the cloud.  The cloud is the provisioning of IT resources over the Internet, as opposed to hosting and operating those resources locally on an organization’s network.  There are legal, security and compliance risks associated with placing university data in the cloud.  For more information about Piratedrive, visit Piratedrive Storage.  For more information about the cloud, visit Cloud Computing – Important Considerations.

Securing Student Data: Downloading from the Blackboard Grade Center

  • Activity: Downloading and saving Blackboard Grade Center to unencrypted devices
  • Issue: Student (Course) Gradebook is downloaded from Blackboard onto desktops, laptops, personal home computers, and other unencrypted devices. A lost or compromised device could result in unauthorized release of student records.
  • Solution: Users should change the default location when downloading the gradebook to Excel or other formats.  Select Save Target As or Save As and change the location to your personal or departmental Piratedrive.  Visit the Data Encryption page in the ITCS Service Catalog for encryption software and flash drive recommendations.  To further minimize the potential release of student records, delete downloaded gradebook content once the information is no longer needed.

NEW: ECU Oxygen Storage  

ECU Oxygen gives you the ability to sync files between your devices and encrypts files for added security. Your personal Oxygen space has been set at 10GB.  ECU Oxygen is not intended to be a replacement for Piratedrive; this new file storage service is in addition to your Piratedrive space! 
Please visit the Oxygen website to learn more and Register for ECU Oxygen.

Tegrity Lecture Capture

What is Tegrity?  Tegrity is an easy-to-use software lecture capture system integrated with Blackboard.  You can use Tegrity to record your desktop activity, audio, and instructor camera.

Why Lecture Capture?  Plain and simple, lecture capture improves student academic success and retention. It creates innovative instructional opportunities for faculty through flipped classrooms and other forward-looking pedagogies.

Where is Tegrity available on Campus?  Tegrity is available in select classrooms in Bate, Rivers, Allied Health Sciences, Joyner East, Rawl, and Brewster. In addition to these classrooms, you can download the Tegrity Recorder software to any computer and create videos at your convenience.

How can you get started?  Visit the Tegrity blog to learn more, email us at or submit an Online Request at the IT Help Desk.

From Centra to SabaMeeting

In case you were off campus this summer enjoying your break or maybe you are new to ECU, in either case we are pleased to announce that this summer we upgraded from Centra 7 to SabaMeeting 8.  New Login page:

This upgrade introduces several new product changes and enhancements. One of the biggest changes is the change in the name of the program itself. Saba has changed the name of their web conferencing program from SabaCentra (which we’ve always just called Centra) to SabaMeeting.

Another big change in this release enables Faculty, Staff and Students to create SabaMeeting events themselves. From within the SabaMeeting web interface, you are now able to create and edit your own meetings without having to fill out the Course Request form. Additionally, from within the SabaMeeting web interface, students are now able to create meetings for small groups or study sessions themselves without having to fill out the Student Request form. Just visit the SabaMeeting Request forms on the SabaMeeting website for a tutorial on how to setup your meetings yourself.

A few of the additional changes and enhancements include:

  • New fully functional browser client
  • Android client release and iPad/iPhone client upgrade
  • Many new live video layout changes
  • As well as several more…For a full list of changes and enhancements, please visit the SabaMeeting upgrade page at:

We recommend that all SabaMeeting users watch the QuickStart video located in the Faculty Resources section of the SabaMeeting website ( Additionally, if you would like more information about the new features in SabaMeeting, please sign up for “SabaMeeting Update Training for Existing Centra Users” on the ECU training calendar at:

Clicker Update: TurningPoint Version 5

In case you were off campus this summer enjoying your break or maybe you are new to ECU, in either case we are pleased to announce that this summer we upgraded to TurningPoint version 5. You can now upload your response data using TurningPoint version 5. You will need to download the TurningPoint 5 software on your computer to be able to upload your clickers response data to Blackboard. In addition to using TurningPoint 5 on your computer, we have also updated the instructor stations in the classrooms to TurningPoint 5 as well. If however, you find yourself in a classroom that still has an older version of TurningPoint, you can still collect response data on that version of TurningPoint. You will just have to convert that response data in TurningPoint 5 before it can be uploaded to Blackboard.

To learn more about TurningPoint 5, we invite you to attend an upcoming training session.  You can register for training on the ECU Training Calendar.  Questions, feel free to email us at

Iwebfolio upgraded to Version 5 on August 8. Please download the release notes.

The upgrade includes changes in how portfolios are viewed and edited, along with new drag and drop features. Please be sure to check the iWebFolio blog for updated tutorials and videos.

Contact Sharon Kibbe,, if you would like a demonstration of iWebFolio or a preview of the new features.